Top Ten's for March 08


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Top 10 From

Dee-Jay IRA
A brand new Dremel 300 and accessory kit.



Evil of The Independents
Top 10

My Gal Patricia
My cat Phoenix
"Elvis Days"
Free jagerbombs (with Ginger of course)
Rare Steak
Vincent Price Movies
Fucking the entire day away
Being alone jamming out great music



Timm Carneyís

Top Ten Obsessions for March

1.      Kimya Dawson and her song The Beer!

2.      Amy Winehouse is she the new Courtney Love?

3.      Hot Chocolate!

4.      Millard Fillmore, the 13th President, I donít know why but I am just obsessed with him.

5.      About A Son a documentary about Kurt Cobain

6.      Barak Obama

7.      Myspace, because Iím soooo Lame.

8.      Sun Rise and Sun Set times, the days are getting longer!

9.      Fettuccini Carbonara because it is so delicious.

10.  Narragansett Lager Beer! 








Top 10
2) TRAUMA TEAM and BEER DRINKING FOOLS gig at the LIVE FAST store. Incredible!!!
3) MONGREL BITCH anywhere they play!!
4) ROCK and ROLL REPUBLIKKKAN by Jayne County & Ginger Coyote. One word: Brilliant.
5) The movie IDIOCRACY. (I don't care what year it came out)
6) SUPAGROUP at Mercury lounge. 1000 watt output. Best live show I saw all year.
7) George Dumbya BUSH having his watch stolen in Albania (of course he denies it, he's a Dipshit)
8) Born Standing up. Nice book by STEVE MARTIN
9) The HUDSON DUSTERS month long residency at Otto's Shrunken Head. Fucking Amazing musicians playing Frank Woods party every Sunday night.
10) New M.A.C. makeup line. Great colors. No Animal Testing





Top 10 from The Harcore Band
from Sweden
 1. Moderat Likvidation
2. Anti Cimex
3. Tatuerade Snutkukar
4. Snobb Slakt
5. Disprocess
6. Ramma Rektum
7. The Sick
8. Unkind
9. Total Armsvett
10. Rottenfux





Top 11 reasons to live. .... RANDY RALSTON

Lawrence Welk.
Full Moons.
New Moons.
The Seasons.
Apple Macintoshes.





Top 10 Badass Bass Players
By Spyder Darling of Detox Darlings

1 Lemmy � if you got a blood transfusion from Motorhead�s founder you would die a loud, speedy death.. And vice versa.

2. Steve Harris � technically the best of the bunch, but don�t hold that against Iron Maiden�s four string driving force.

3. Sid Vicious� technically the worst of the bunch but help changed the world with the Sex Pistols before overdosing at 21.

4. Nikki Sixx � Motley Crue�s Baywatch babe marrying bass dude took a ride on the wild side, sold 30 million albums and managed to live to tell the tale.

5. Tom Hamilton � Check out the intro to Aerosmith�s �Sweet Emotion�. �Nuff said. Hamilton is the underrated master of tasty licks with grooves that kick.

6. Cliff Williams �Recorded the entire AC/DC catalogue on one E string. And 20,000 pints of Guiness.

7. Dee Dee Ramone � Made 1,2,3,4 a battle cry for leather jacketed, Converse clad cretin hoppers the world over.

8. Bill Wyman � Wrote the riff to Jumping Jack Flash and never got credit for it, but did banged London groupies like Big Ben striking noon. So that�s a fair trade.

9. Arthur Kane � Helped create glam & punk rock with the NY Dolls and finally got the royal rockstar treatment at the Dolls reunion, died a week later.

10. John Entwistle � �Ox� rocked the Who for 40 years before overdosing in Vegas. Unlike Pete Townsend Entwistle had the sense to die before he got TOO old.






My Top Ten Things That Drive the Dark Diva Wild:

a) I love "Spinelli" on General Hospital, don't you? What a love bug!! And he knows how to use a computer...he can be my puppy dog anytime!

b) A good cologne on a man. C'mon ladies, don't love the scent of a kick ass fragrance on a man that says, "come and bite my neck, bitch?"...omg, I'm over heating here!!

c)Stilleto heels...nothing says attitude and diva like a good pair of six inch spikes you grind your message across with.

d) "Please Kill Me: The History of Punk Rock"...probably the best fucking book ever written about the punk scene except they don't have a chapter dedicated to Sista Ginger and we know she is the queen of the scene!

e) Omg, I love the "Kelly" videos done by Liam Sullivan. If you are having a shit day, and need a boost, check out "Text Message Break Up" or "Let Me Borrow That Top Betch". Kudos to Margaret Cho for digging Kelly/Liam enough to have them open her latest tour and get invovled in the videos. Lookin hot, Margaret ;)

f) Ever see the movie "Wrist Cutters: A Love Story"? If not, get off your asses and check it out. Blew my freaking mind and has some great laughs in it.

g) Achmed the Dead Terrorist is da shit! Don't we all wish we could get away with telling people, "Silence! I Kill You!!"

h) Dick from last season's "Big Brother" is my fucking hero!!
I never thought I would see someone with an attitude that equaled mine! Love me some Bad Boy Dick!! Yeah, yeah, yeah, let your imaginations go crazy on that statement, you perverts ;)

i) Pop rocks! They are the cheapest, simplest sex toy on the market. If I have to explain it to ya, you're dead...lay down.

j) And last, but not least..I love my latest motto:






Top 10 from
Screen Writer

debbie harry
the ramones
the clash
green day
lydia lunch
henry rollins


Mz Tracey's Top Ten

1. Ginger going to rehab..NO NO NO

2. Myspace Friends

3. The Grammy Winners

4. My Daughter Visiting without
wanting a thing.

5. Allnighters..HAHA

6. My new Camera

7. New Electrical boxes,
No more middle of the night
to circut breaker.

8. These Fab Top Ten

9, V Day and candy

10. Computers, Cars, Clothes, Roofs, Fam,
Friends, Music, Chihuahua's, Heaters,
Fuzzy Slippers, Eye Drops, Tylenol,
and a Baby's Arm Holding an Apple.
Shit and some Hottie on the teli now.



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