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For This Month's TOP TEN.... Punk Globe added some  a little Kinkiness to the mix at the last minute with a few Top Ten's that are about Valentines Day.... Pink, Chocolate, VD, Hot Sex, Strippers, Go-Go Boys, Parties, Love, Hearts , Cupid... Next month think Irish Whiskey and Green. Submit your Top 10 about St. Patrick's Day... Or just send a regular Top 10 ...Email your Top 10 to




A Valentines Day Message From Actress/Comedienne
        Just Say Julie...... Earth Girls Are Easy
Julie Brown

"Happy St. Valentines  Day to all those adorable Punk Globe Magazine Readers! 

And if you don't have a Valentine, who cares, give yourself some chocolate and flowers and have sex with yourself tonight!"


Julie Brown


TOP 13

From The One and Only
Proprietor of The Cobalt
Vancouver, BC




Lovepunkcompany's davidrainsslanies'

10 favorite things


2)powerful music with lyrics that fuck me up

3)my wooden flower

4)being alone just long enough...

control & spirit

6)brand new ghs medium white bronze strings on miss ibanez

7)my fish moonbean & pup zalonia

8)a good laugh

9)raspberry perserves & crunchy peanut butter on toasted rye with a tall glass of cold milk

10)my creative mess

11)knowing the difference between good men and evil men


13)butterflies, "life & death"





Miss Oblivious's top 22 events in 2007
Martyn Jaques kissing the Miss O doll
  •  Wayward Cafe (February Anti-sweetheart show) along with
  • Squid and ink (Octobers Silly seven sinners and mourning virtues)cafe's here in SEattle for supporting me and holding two of my well received solo shows!
  • IHEARTRUMMAGE for my spot every month along with asking me to publish and create their quarterly zine
  • Cancan Cabaret for all their support and love for my work!(all merch sold out for the year) 
  • Circus Contraption show in May with almost an entire line of my merch for them sold at one show! 
  • even more so to my boys from Tentacled Sawfish mayhem and passions 
  • in Portland
  • FarARt selling monthly pieces of Paynecreations at their Ballard Location
  • toys in L.A.
  • Dana (bless his soul)for collecting my dolls and art
  • Dawn Wirth(photographer) for collecting and spreading the word of Miss O
  • Faye the tattooed psychic  asking me to host "Spiritus Theatre"
  • PUNK GLOBE & Ginger Coyote  allowing me to contribute to her amaizng 20+year publication every month
  • Tiger Lillies for all their kindness and me embarking on NY City for the first time with my dolls at their show!
  • Ill Famed Spirits TV me and Faye's new public access show airing on Channel 77
  • REx & Rebecca at helping me poison the world making my art a visual on all your hearts
  • Shimmy Deluxe Burlesque for including me in what you are so clever at!
  • ZAPP Zine Archive where I taught zine making skills
  • HUGO Literary house I joined Hazel PIne,Neely Bat and many other fine ladies with spoken/reading zine word of our publication!
  • Schmancy Toys in SEattle
  • The Bad Things for an astounding 2008 start!
  • New issues of Oblivious Nation would not be possible with out the chaos, adventures and inspirations of those mentioned above I am about to publish issue 30 most unbeleivable! I have decided on my 40th birthday I will publish a book with all issues including CUNT FEAR and all the mini's between!
Miss Oblivious is looking forward to joining more of my companions on this journey through 2008 and beyond! Positive visions, filthy demeanor and comfortable living!
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Currently listening :
The Sea
By Tiger Lillies
Release date: 31 March, 2006




GYM / NO FUTURE...... TOP 10
1. traveling around the world done quite a bit so far in europe and asia going traveling again in the near future.

2. my home life and family members

3. playing with no future (kev bomber and chris)i also love recording so i guess number 3 is music

4. when i saw the sex pistols play waited 30 years for that gig

5. my convertable car cant wait for the sunshine here in uk

6. my friends i got some great friends

7. buying shit i buy loads of stuff anything from guitars to buildings to woodland. and fish i collect piranha fish. i love shopping for fun things but i should'nt do it to much or i will go broke.

8. stuff you can do with computers well when your at home its great to have a computer so much better than just watching tv.

9. eating out i love eating out especialy when im traveling you get to not do the washing up!!!

10. gigs i seen a lot of good bands in my time even saw jayne county in 1978 at the music machine london :O) i saw most of the origional uk punk bands and i saw iggy last year so im happy that i have seen a lot of classic acts, when i get to the usa hope to see wtd's live.



Mike Skullz

Drummer For Jim Rowdy Show

10. Being on the Radio!!

09. Masterbation(I'm the master of that!!)
08. Vicodine
07. Eating Mexican food in Mexico!
06. Riding a motorcycle in Venice Beach, CA on a summer night.
05. Covering hotel doors with lighter fluid and lighting them on fire. Then knocking franticly so the people inside open the door to FIRE! (Ahh the games we play when on tour!!)
04. Record Shopping and buying vintage clothes!
03. Wrenching on my 1954 Ford Mainline!
02. My Wife and Child

01. Playing Music and watching kids sing along!!





As Febuary 14th approaches My fave Cherub Cupid is fine tuning his sacred bough & sharpening his arrows dipped in "Love Potion #9"!!..St. Valentines Day is Cupid's time to Shoot & Punk Globe Reader's Time To Score!!....(Heh! Heh!).....Here is Gerry-Jenn's TOP 10 Valentine Day Wish List!!!!:...May We All Have More "Hits Than Misses!!!!" On Febuary 14th/08...
1. My Fave "Usual Suspect", Benicios Del Torro, wearing nothing but Chanel #JP5!
2. To Be Seranaded by Mike Ness In "The Tropical Paradise Theme Room!" @ West Edmonton Mall Hotel!!!...(Meet me at the Waterfall Nessy!!)
3. To Marry Hugh Dillon (Singer from The Headstones/HARDCORE LOGO) In Vegas, & Honeymoon In Thailand for a TSUNAMI STYLE ROMANCE!!!~~X!
4. Kiss Vampire Lestat in New Orleans & Live Forever!!!
5. Switch Teams with: Joan Jett & Gina Gershon, Jenifer Tilly, or Julliete (Licks) Lewis!!
6. Play basketball in Betty Page Style Lingerie with Corey Parks (Ex. Bass Player for Nashville Pussy), or her HOT Brother, Cherokee Parks( who use to play for The Vancouver Grizzlies!)...ROAR!
7. Sing a duet with Ginger Coyote (White Trash Debutante's) Live!...Song: "These Boots Were Made For Walking!" By Ms. Nancy Sinatra....0r..."Wango Tango!!" Ted Nugent!!!
8. Take Johnny Depp for a testdrive in a souped-up El-Camino listening to Hank Williams the 111!!!!....(HELL!!!).... The Hankster can come along for the ride too, as long as he isn't a 3rd wheel!!...& he wears that sexy wifebeater....Mmmmm!....Mmmmmmm!
9. Go to a day Spa with Suzi Quatro in our BlackLeather Catsuits!!!
10. Hang with "Edith Massey" AKA "The Egg Lady" In Her McCrackin' Crib!!! ( Co-Star in John Water's Film "Pink Flamingos")...X!



Nancy Jackson
  Power eBay Sales Woman
I can�t find 10 things I like about Valentines Day? but I did manage come up with a Pro and Con.


To me Valentines Day is the day to let that special someone or one�s in your life know how much you LOVE them via a Valentine Card, preferably with a handwritten salutation.


I hated Valentines Day in school because it was a popularity contest.  Maybe they finally stopped that horrid practice in public schools.  Some kids didn't have food at home let alone money to by Valentine cards.  Some good teachers I had wouldn't let them in their classroom and would have us make cards for our mothers or fathers.


1. Chocolate



1. A Great Reason To Pay Tribute To The Late  Great Anna Nicole Smith Wearing Hot Pink
2. To Find Out Just WHO Has Those Crushes On Me From My Space..That I Keep Getting Messages  About ...
3. A Chance To Show Others... How Much I Appreciate Them! With Hot and Sexy Valentines Day Cards And Comments!!
4. The February 5 Presidential Primary  Will Be Over And I Will Have Cast My Vote For The Most Liberal Candidate!! Not A-  REPUBLIKKKAN!
5.  Celebrating Meri St. Mary and Lula Perla's February Birthdays Around Valentines Day... 1 Thai Ice Tea with Meri and  5 Long Island Ice Tea's with Lula
6. Seeing All Those HOT STUD'S In Cupid  Boxer Briefs
7. Seeing All Those HOT STUD'S With Only A Big HEART ON
8. Being Able To Wish Everyone  "HAPPY VD"
9. All The Fun Valentines Day Parties -- WOW REPORT PARTY???
10. Buying All That Overpriced Valentines Day Stuff-  On Sale For 75% Off At CVS On Feb. 15 and 90% Off On Feb. 18



I like:
the boys
the dance
the dates
the secret admires
finding out who likes u
the kisses
the love bug
Valentine cards

having to find out who likes u
having to tell someone u like them.
having to find a date for the dance
getting up the courage to kiss someone
being bitten by the love bug
finding out who gave u the rose
being shot by cupid
writing certain people Valentine cards.
getting asked out by someone who's evil
when u have to tell someone u don't like them.



TOP 10 From PIERRRE from Montreal, Canada

01 - JAYNE COUNTY (Jayne spoiled us with her "Jezebaal" CD featuring new stuff like "We're the Transgeneration" and "Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan", her hilarious and smart Myspace CD reviews and bulletins and her wonderful art!)

02 - A WALK INTO THE SEA: DANNY WILLIAMS AND THE WARHOL FACTORY (Esther Robinson's brilliant documentary about her one time Factory-member uncle. Is Brigid  Berlin experiencing a Keylime pie sugar rush before calling Genevieve?)

03 - A JOHN WATERS CHRISTMAS (Seeing the Pope of Trash talking live about his bizarre crush on Alvin from The Chipmunks!)

04 - ANDY WARHOL'S SILVER FACTORY BOND #9 PERFUME (Even 20 years after his death, Andy still smells of bergamot, grapefruit and lavender. The makers describe it as: "The incense and woods are present from the start, and as advertised, a metallic note runs through the proceedings."  Sounds more like the smell of his casket!)

05 - BRITNEY SPEARS ONE DAY MIRACLE REHAB AND SHAVED HEAD (How can one day in rehab possibly help anyone? "Give Me More" till we don't have a "Piece of Me" left.)

06 - BABS PINK TRAILER "Confectionery Gal" (Little seen nonsensical underground video featuring an overly effeminate cowboy singing off key about "slushy in my pants" while his stoned synth player dances and then collapses to the floor.)

07 - ALBERT MAYSLES (Talking with the King of Cinema Verite about his filming Jackie Curtis' wedding in the 60s, our friend's documentary and his forthcoming collection of films on DVD)

08 - PETE'S PA (10 weeks with Pete Burns ripping up candidates' resumes till the monster actually seems to start showing a shred of emotion and humanity!)

09 - MARILYN BLOGGING FOR MONEY FOR A NEW "COMPUTER" ON MYSPACE (Come on, where do you think the money's REALLY gonna go?)

10 - TAYLOR MEAD AND BINGO GAZINGO LIVE AT THE BOWERY POETRY CLUB (Seeing 2 legends performing week after week, living proof that craziness only gets more brilliant with age. Why are their shows never packed??)



Rachel Violence's Top Ten

Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Actually Received

10. Plastic shower curtain (from live-in boyfriend)
9. No Gift
8. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy show at Bimbo's SF only because I was left at the table by myself all night while the jagoff was dancing with other broads
7. Blue plastic calculator
6. Cotton underwear, REALLY, ME?
5. Red, Plastic rose
4. Chocolate with the "sale" sticker on
3. Food Poisoning
2. Heartache
1. Black Eye



Tawdry's Singer for The B- Cups

Top 10 Valentine's Day Tirades

10. What's love got to do, got to do with it?
9. One too many boxes of booze-filled chocolates--what was your name again?!� is no way to begin a romance
8. Persian cats are notoriously bad cuddlers
7. What's love but a second-hand emotion?
6. Hitachi has yet to come out with a heart-shaped attachment for the Magic Wand
5. VD!!�need I say more?
4. Rock star + saint = fallen angel
3. Cupid??? I live in San Francisco. The last thing I need is another cherubic gay boy
2. Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?
1. Hallmark STILL is not producing an appropriate 'Precious Moments' greeting card for that special conjugal visit.

Be Mine,

Tawdry of the B-cups



Tyler Vile’s Top 10 compilation/anthology albums


10. Mania-The Ramones

9. Two things at Once- The Descendents

8. Etc.-Jawbreaker

7. 13 Songs- Fugazi

6. Punk Terrorist anthology vol. 2-Nausea

5. First four years- Black Flag

4. Complete Discography-Minor Threat

3. Complete Raped Collection-Raped

2. Tied between How could hell be any worse-Bad Religion and Energy-Operation Ivy

1. M.I.A The Complete Anthology-The Germs



rebecca wilson's top 10

most originally, stylish punk rock ladies

1. wendy o williams (band aids on her boobs - she did
it first!)

2. nena hagen (bratz doll krazy color hair and uber

3. exene (for that messy thrift shop goth cowgirl
dress thing)

4. betsey johnson (for her bad ass clothes!!!!!! and
she still wears crazy color hair extensions)

5. chelsea white trash debutantes (no one rawks
fuchsia hair and fishnets harder!)

6. debbie harry (popeye tshirt, disco dresses, stephen
sprouse patron, bleach blonde and on and on )

7. catwoman

8. divine in desperate living (electric chair scar
face mohawk scene - classic!)

9. bride of frankenstein (gothy two tone hair and a
bitchy psycho pout at its finest)

10. britney spears when she shaved her head (a truly
inspired act, no one tells britney she can't cut her
hair, not even a record label, too bad she didn't
shave off that weak wanna be pimp kevin federline's
corn rows!!!!! )

runners up - amy winehouse's cascade of black beehive
and batwinged eyemakeup, edith the egg lady's lace up
body suit in female trouble, yoko ono's huge
sunglasses look, darryl hannah in bladerunner w/her
bleach do and smeary eye makeup, grace jones

Check out Rebecca's and Paul's music label website!
Power Pop Pat of 89.5 KOPN's "Pat's Power Pop Hours"' top ten:

1. Getting engaged to Nina Wilson
2. The reissueing of three Joy Division albums
3. The Vacancies new album "Tantrum"
4. Bad Religions album "New Maps of Hell"
5. The Donnas "Bitchin'"
6. The annual Ramones Tribute on my Radio Show
7. KISSology. 'Nuf said.
8. New York Dolls reunion
9. Having so many great friends on MySpace (lame, I know, but I love you all...and if ya don't like it, well....)
10. Seeing all the end of year Top Ten List

1) Fantasy Fest Float Parade, Key West, FL
2) Burning Man, NV
3) Eden Hot Springs, AZ
4) Wherever Frankie Cullen is
5) Infected Mushrooms concert, Las Vegas, NV
6) Mushrooms
7) 212 River Street, East Lansing, MI
8) The Office
9) Gwen Diamond
10) Denise Milani
Tracey McGillivary's



1.  UNOPENED BOTTLE OF GOLDSCHLAGER (with real gold flakes.  43 point sumpthin Alcohol by volume) but I'd rather not share because it's a collector's item.

2.  3 bottles of champaign, but I'd rather not share them because they are collectors items.

3.  1/4 gallon 2ilk (paper cups available upon request)  If I catch you drinking out of the carton, it will be wire hanger time behind the legs.  This item may or may not be here by the time you get here.

4.  3 onion rings and half a soggy spicy chicken sandwich.  This may or may not be gone by the time you get here.

5.  Half of a 3 week old pizza.  I think the tomatoes are green by now.  Must sign a waiver and a release of liability before consuming anything on this list.

6.  1 package of Black M & M's.  Those go last too coz it another collector's item. 

7.  Here's the big treat... An unopened can of spam which I would rather not share because it's a collector's item.

8.  One hand crank snow cone maker.  The ice may or may not be gone by the time you get here.

9.  B.Y.O.T.  (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper) There may or may not be enough toilet paper so you better bring a roll of your own, because I'd rather not share and remember to light a match the respect-o-meter is always running.

10.  Live music I have a harmonica, a ukulele, 2 guitars, lots of pots and pans and wooden spoons but I'd rather not share.

I would give you my address but I prefer not to.

P.S.  I would have listed my box of crispy wheats and raisins which was ups'd over with Steve young on the box, my box of Kings hockey chick-lets or my 49er Pepsi can which is mostly evaporated now or my home made bottle of brewsky but I'd rather not share.

None of this is open for discussion, I'd rather not talk about it.

Top 10 from Jason Honea from Berlin


1.) Teenage Panzerkorps. - Harmful Emotions LP ( siltbreeze)
 2.)The ShittyListener ''Area Women'' tour ... France 2007
 3.)Homage to Sherwood Anderson  : Letters of Sherwood Anderson
 4.)Radio Dept.( CD title ?)
 5.)Charles Burchfield- The Journals of ...
 6.)East Side Story Comps. ( all !)
 7.)Punk is Dead, Punk is Everything by B.R. Trucotte
 8.)Of - The Sun and The Moon CD
 9.)Pink Skulls Meta - Fanzine # 3 -Rik L Rik, Dusty Coffins(rip)Scottish Sounds
10.)The Road by Cormac McCarthy