"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> THE INFANT TERRIBLES
By: L Cristina
The Infant Terribles first started performing in San Francisco in the late 70s when Punk Rock just was taking off in the City . They consisted of 3 sisters with the stage names Hysteria (Tamara), Delirious ( Nicole) Infinity (Lisa/Craft). The Infant Terribles performed at the Mabuhay Gardens, also at Rick & Ruby's and Mary Monday& Ginger Coyote's Gong Show at The Palms on Polk Street.. That is where they first met Ginger Coyote. After meeting the wild Mary Monday at The Palms they became Mary Mondays Bitches for a few performances at The Mabuhay Gardens.... .They also opened for bands such as The Vktms, Mary Monday, The Ultimate Shock Rocker with much style and class the wonderful Lady La Rue Band, Leila and The Snakes, The Nuns and many more. They even played a Punk Globe benefit... It was all great fun.... They were very fortunate to been able to perform for both the late Dirk Dirksen and Ness Aquino at the now legendary The Mabuhay Garden AKA ( The Fab Mab ) for we to they were all under age and the Police were called many times!!
The band separated and Lisa, AKA, Infinity and Craft moved to NYC with Viva Larue to pursue art, photography, graffiti, and along with her first love music.
Lisa performed with her Mother- Viva La Rue at The Bitter End, CBGB'S, S.N.A.F.U. and The Tunnel. Along the way Lisa learned to play Drums, Guitar, Saxophone (tenor) and honed her painting, photography and Graffiti !!!!! Though The Infant Terribles are all fully grown now in 2010.. They fondly remember their early years as the notorious Infant Terribles!!!