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When I first laid eyes on Gerry Jenn Wilson at The Nightbreak in S.F. in the 90's-  I knew this girl was gonna be fun... She was not only fun... but pretty and very talented... I finally got a chance to do a one on one with the legendary GERRY JENN WILSON- I hope you all enjoy this chat fest

Punk Globe: When I met you at The Nightbreak in SF you were playing with my old pal Sammy Newton in The Muscle Bitches.. Had you played with any other bands prior to The Muscle Bitches?

Gerry Jenn Wilson:   Hypnotic Wail, The Cane Toads, Spank Machine, 48 Crash (Suzi Quatro Tribute), The Black Market Babies (Which later became The Black Halo's), BEVO (All Grrl Devo Tribute), & The Worst were the bands I played with prior to The Muscle Bitches, & JP5 & Black Eye Buddha(Ex. Members of The Sons Of Freedom), Phat Tank (the Musical!).., were the bands I played with after
The Muscle Bitches!!!...I'm presently playing/singing with "The L'il Guitar Army", "JP5", & doing Solo
performances to boot!!!

Punk Globe: Are you originally from Vancouver?

G.J.W.:  I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba...I graduated from Kelvin High..(Neil Young's ol' stomping grounds!)..He describes life in "Winterpeg" to a "T" in his duet with Randy Bachman, (guitarist from The Guess Who),,,The song's called "Portage & Main 50 Below!!".... In the end...alot of talent comes out of Winnipeg, but ultimately "If you want to fly with the best, you've gotta leave the nest!!"..So I loaded up the truck with my Feather Boas, P.V.C., Gibson's, & Marshall Amp., & headed West!!... Pop Diva /Partner In R&R Crime...Bif Naked & I rented a suite off Commercial Dr., East Van.,B.C, Canad-eh?!... with my Skateboard riding pet land turtle "TORTUGA!!", ...(& the rest is R&R History!!!)....X!....My Wpg. Pal Chris Walter who has been hailed as "The New Punk Rock Charles Bukowski, Jim Carrol, Burroughs" (His Books On "Go FUCK Yourself Press" (GFY) are a must read for
anyone that has been" Living da Vida Loco!" Circa 1976-Present!!)...In Chris Walter's book "I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk"...he sums "The Wpg. Dealio" up in his dedication:..."To Winnipeg, where the strong survive and the rest leave town!"... It takes a "Wedding, JP5 Tour, Or Funeral" to Venture back into sub-zero prairie temperatures, or getting eaten alive by Mosquitos!!!...(Chris Walter's "Mosquitos & Whisky" is also a "Fantastic Read!"...Check Him Out!!!...X!)

Punk Globe: How many years have you been playing

G.J.W.: I purchased my first guitar when I was 17 in
Montreal. It was a '67 Fender Telecaster. Greg Hetson
(guitarist from the Circle Jerks) got me all fired up
on learning how to play when I interviewed them for a
fanzine I was putting out in Winnipeg back in the 80's
called "PSYCHOBELIA"...(A tribute to Bela Lugosi, Camp
Horror, & Punk Rock!!!)...Greg sent me great comp.
tapes from L.A. & turned me onto early Pink Floyd
Circa Syd Barrett, The Sonic's, Suicidal Tendencies
etc.. & of Course Seeing The Ramone's Live at The RPM
Club In Toronto back in '86 sealed my fate as a guitar
picker...that was over 20 yrs. ago!!!....(Time Flys
when you "LIVE TO ROCK!!!")....I don't consider myself
a great guitar player!!..I should be a" Virtuoso" for
the amount of time that I've been playing!! I will
admit to being a decent songwriter, & the guitar & My
voice are my instruments!!...(Or as "G G Allin" would
say:::" I Am a Machine Gun, My Word's are The Bullets,
& The Audience is The Target!!!! "...LOOK-OUT!!)..G.G
May be Dead, But Ms. G.J LIVES!!!!....(Be AFRAID!)

Punk Globe: You are very involved as a Woman in
Music.. Who are some of your mentors?

G.J.W.:  I Freakin' Love The Runaways!!! I was saddened to
hear that Sandi West (Runaway's Drummer) passed on!!....Joan Jett has been a huge influence for
me!!!.."Bad Reputation" & "I Love R&R!" are my theme
songs!!...I recently saw her play with "The
Blackheart's" at The RiverRock Casino, here in
Richmond, B.C.!!!..She was supporting her new release
"SINNER" which may be her best effort yet!!!...Ms.
J.J.'s cover of SWEET'S "AC/DC" is just as good as The
original, (if not better), & when she sang "FETISH" I
almost melted, because she handed me her guitar pick &
winked!!!....(& a nudge! nudge, if ya' know what I
mean!!)..Hee! Haw!...The Provocative Joanster also had
a rip in the crotch of her leather trouser's, (&
was'nt wearing any panties)!!!... Hhhmmmmm....(As I digress!) I also adoreTHE QUEEN OF DEVIL'S GATE
DRIVE.. Ms.Suzi Quatro/ also known as Leather Tuskadero from the sitcom "Happy Days"!! SUZI "Q" has also been a "Major Ms. Mentor!!!"....She looks so Androgynous in her Black Leather Catsuits, & Screams & Howl's Like no other R&R Feline I Know!!!...(Paula Pierce (RIP) & Kim Shattuck of The Pandora's/ & The Muff's run a close 2nd in The "Scream Queen Dept."!!)....I had a blast learning all of Suzi's hit's in "48 CRASH".. A (Suzi "Q" Tribute), where I had the Pleasure of becoming Suzi Quatro for a handful of sold-out shows for "BUDSTOCK" @ The Commodore here in Vancouver, B.C.!!!..Back In The Mid 90's!! Billy Hopeless of The "Black Halo's" recently interviewed S.Q. for "The Nerve Magazine"...She's presently lives in Germany where she is still "Kicking Out The Jam's
"247!"!!" ....Wendy O' Williams (RIP) also had a big impact on me when I saw her covered in whipping cream with black electrical tape affixed to her nipples, while she chainsawed a '57 Cadillac In 1/2 on "Saturday Night Live" Circa '79!!!...(All The While Screaming like a Wild Banshee!)...Dirty Kurt Robertson from (The Real McKenzies), who also plays guitar in" JP5" with "yours truly", has 1/2 of The Plasmatic's Guitarist's "Gibson S.G.",( which he recieved as a Punk Rock Heirloom after The Plasmatic's played at The Commodore, here in Van. , B.C., Many Moons Ago!!!)....Patti Smith, Deborah Harry, Billy Holiday, Ruyter Syuss & Corey Park's (Guitarist & Ex. Bass Player for Nashville Pussy), Patsy Cline, Diamanda Galas, P.J. Harvey, Siouxie , The LunaChicks, & Of Course "Ginger Coyote" Of The Legendary "WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTE'S!!!"...I was so thrilled to be on the bill with you, Punk Rock Patti, The Major Nelson, & the rest of the Entourage!!.. Back In The Good Ol' Fast Mike/NightBreak Days (S.F.)..!!! I had seen your Outrageous, Over the Top appearance on "The Heraldo Show", (& Even Cut-Out The article from "The National Enquirer!") with the headline "Granny Is A Punk Rocker!"...Refering to The Pink Haired/Reefer Smoking Punk Rock Patricia!!!..... I was an admirer of your beautiful self, Ms.Ginger, before our paths EVEN crossed!!!..(I'm digging around my archives to find the photo shoot that you & I did with after you were kind enough to give me a autographed copy of your Split Vinyl Single The W.T.D.'S did with Vancouver's Punk Rock Egg / Canine Maniac's "The McCrackin's!!!!!"....Sammy Newton from Berkley's "Blu Chunk's", ( My Ex. Singing Partner In The Muscle Bitches)... lights up & turns red whenever I mention your name!!!..(?!)....He LOVES GINGER TOO!!!, (& Gives his regard's by the way!!!!)....Murray Acton, (The Singer from "The Day -Glo Abortions")... is finally transfering JP5's "ODE TO GINGER COYOTE" from "Dat" tape to Disc, now that he's back from his recent N.A. "WHITE TRASH" Tour!!!!...(.LOOKOUT!!!)!....Oh yeah, POISON IVY from The Cramp's also gets "MONDO PROP'S!"... & The Queen Of "BOOT'S!"...Ms. Nancy Sinatra as femme fatale R&R mentors!!!...X!...P.S. JAYNE COUNTY deserves a shout-out also!!!..."If You Don't Want To F*CK ME BABY, Baby F*CK OFF!"... That Pretty Much says It All!!!! Ha! Ha!

Punk Globe: Musically who are your inspirations?

G.J.W.:  IGGY & The Stooges, MC5, The Ramones, AC/DC, Peaches, The Headstone's, The Sonics, Radio Birdman, The Seeds, The Muffs, The Pandoras, Nine Pound Hammer, Personality Crisis, The Real Mckenzies, The Humpers, The Dead Boys, The Damned, The Buzzcock's, Tupelo Chain Sex, The Unband, The Cramps, The Carrie Nations, The Runaways, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, The Cycle Sluts from Hell, Motorhead, Lunachicks, L7, James Brown, P-Funk, The Yardbirds, Hank Williams, Nancy Sinatra, Hasil Adkins, The White Trash Debutante's, Buthole Surfers, Sublime, The Rev. Horton Heat, Pink, Blue Cheer, The Red Hot Chili Pepper's, Syd Barrett, The Cynics, Stinkmitt, DOA, Stompin' Tom Conners, Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, Rose Tattoo, The Specials, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, Screamin' Jay Hawkin's, !!!~~~X! Generally I also dig Ted Nugent & Nashville Pussy...(Who incidently got thier bandname from a live NUGE recording)..Neil Diamond, Neil Young, Neil Hamburger, The Supremes, The Shangri-La's, The Detroit Cobras, The Chesterfield King's, Dick Dale, The Strawberry Alarmclock, The Chocolate Watchband, The New York Doll's, Dee Dee King, The Guess Who, D Generation, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Blondie, The Kinks, Black Sabbath, Stevie Ray, Wonder, Tyler, & Nick's!, Fleetwood Mac, Link Wray, Howlin' Wolf, The Ventures, The Velvet Underground, Marianne Faithful, NoMeansNo, The Electric Prunes, & Vancouver's #1 Iron Maiden Tribute/ the Clownclad..".POWERCLOWN!!!!"...(Must be seen to be believed!!)
Punk Globe: Tell us about JP5.. How did you come  up with the name of the band?

G.J.W.:   Syd Savage (The Guitarist for Death Sentence & Myself (Vox, & Guitar) decided to get Stephen Hamm of The Late Vancouver Band's "Slow", & "TankHog", & Day-Glo Abortion's Guitarist "Mike Anus/JAK" on Drum's....It only took a few practices for us to realize that we had something very special developing musically! We brought in engineer Bill Crapelle from Victoria, B.C. to record the Majik on our first 2 demo's "WHIP RAY!!" & "3 DAY BENDER!"...We got the bandname "JP5" from the volitile "Jetfuel"/ AKA "JET PETROLIUM!!!"..., Guitarist SYD SAVAGE (Death Sentence, Triple Joy) ,was hauling it around in his 18 Wheel Semi-Truck!!!!...Syd & I were practically married at the time...My first Vancouver Love!!!, (we even had a life insurance policy for us, as I was so afraid that he was one day going to BLOW himself UP towing around a ton of liquid JP5 BOOM! BOOM!!!)...
An"OSAMA BIN LADDEN COCKTAIL!" JP5 (The Band) has been described as "Raw Powered, Fast, Flammable, & Furious!!!"... & also as "Volitile, Explosive, & a Rather Tasty Martini!!!" THE JP5 MARTINI:...1oz. of Vodka, 1 oz of Espresso, 1 oz. of Bailey's Irish Cream, 1 oz. of Kaluha!ha!...Topped with 3 Espresso Beans!!! Whipping Cream & A Duct Tape Parasol Optional!!!!...(Be Prepared to Strap-On Your Studded Leather Seat- Belts, Take-off...Join the Mile High Club...& Saddle Up a Buzz!!!..Yee-Haw!!!.....X!


Punk Globe: Tell me about the other band members?

J.G.W.: Since JP5 formed in '95 there have been many line-up changes...around 35 musicians in the past 12 yrs!!
Touring can be a romantic idea for many
musicians...unless you've gone on a "Sudden Death
Record Camp" Tour!!!... Ha! Ha!!!...Don't Get Me
Wrong...I loved touring with DOA to Austin, Texas for The SXSW year after year...( & ALSO .Don't get me wrong "SXSW ROCKS!!.".(.But The R&R Tour Diet isn't for everyone!!!), IE: TombStone Pizza's, Corn Dog's, & Ramen Noodles.. The Novelty can wear out fast, unless its in your blood, or you are naturally a fun loving masochist!!!!...(& also it helps if your getting laid I've been told!!!...) Ha! Ha!....None-The -Less The Steadfast  JP5 Line-Up Of Warriors is as follows:


Dirty-Kurt Robertson (Lead Guitar), also on guitar: "The Doctor", Mike Hawk, MS. KIM, ADAM PAYNE, Syd Savage, Brad Kent, Neil Embo,Steve-"O", Paolo etc ... The Fabulous Ms, Ligaya (Bass Player & Spiritual Advisors To The Stars!!!).,, Stephen Hamm ...Also On Bass: Ms.LISA-FUR, Sue T.V. Mama, Giselle "Hissy-Fit" Grignet, Natasha Idol, Lummox etc...On DRUMS:::The One & Only " J.T. Massacre!", Brien O' Brian, Brad Mitchell, Mike Jak, Teddy Beats, Brad Lambert, Kevin Keating, Terry Russell, etc..".IT's A LONG WAY TO THE TOP IF YOU WANT TO R&R!!!!"....These Fuckers ROCK!!!

Punk Globe: I have heard from so many how great  JP5 are. I wish I could see you any chance of you touring?

G.J.W.: JP5 is presently working on releasing a longoverdue 2nd CD!! Ms. Ligaya JP5's bassist is also working on directing her first Indie film "GROUND LEVEL" , where you will see Ms. Gerry-Jenn showing off my acting chops, alongside Paul McKenzie (Singer for The Real McKenzies), & various other notorious punk rock celebrities!!!...When all is said & done JP5 should be planning a tour down The Coast In the Summer of '08!!!....Can't Wait!!!!...X!
Punk Globe: How about your other band Lil' Guitar  Army.. Who all is involved with that band..

G.J.W. : The L'IL GUITAR ARMY is the Clusterfucked Brainstorm of Ex. Muscle Bitches guitarist Cal Thompson (aka Reverend Kittenflesh, Major Dis Oyster, etc..) He has been making miniature electric copies (Less than 1/2 the size of a regular guitars)...for 20 yrs!! He has made guitars for Lemmy K. of Motorhead, Link Wray (RIP), Dick Dale), & Kid Congo Powers of (The Cramps, Pink Monkeybirds etc..)..THE L'IL GUITAR ARMY Is A 10 Guitar VANCOUVER SUPERGROUP & Growing (ENLIST NOW!!)...featuring members from THE DEADCAT'S, JP5, MOTORAMA, THOR, MUSCLE BITCHES, THE POINTED STICKS, THE AGING YOUTH GANG, THE FIENDS, etc.. Our debut gig last summer at Pub 340 was hilarious!!!...We all dress up like Angus Young!! Call It: (School of Rock Chic!!)..., playing weeny "Flying V's", Explorers, SG'S, Telecasters, Stratocasters,.... (That Sound Mighty!!)...The stage was not big enough to accomodate the "LGA", & a few of the axe weilding "Privates" fell off the stage in fine "Stooges" Style...(The 3 Stooges, that is!!)...THE LGA are ready to begin recording our first CD Intitled "30 WATT'S TO FREEDOM!!"...(Since we all play through L'IL 30 Watt Traynor Amp's!)...I smell a Traynor Endorsement on the way!!!...There is nothing like a "Mini Wall of Mighty Amplifiers!"...(Its So SPINAL TAP!!)...& we know how to turn a "Supremes" Song Upsidedown!!!...& WANGO
Punk Globe: And now my favorite-  The Beer Drinkin'  Maneaters.. I love that song "Wango Tango"..

G.J.W.: "BEER DRINKIN' MANEATER'S" was inspired by The H.G. Lewis B-Movie "SHE DEVIL'S ON WHEEL'S!"...It's all about this all female biker gang called "The ManEater's" that terrorize deserving thugs, & know how to shake a tailfeather on their "Hog's Of Steel!!!"...Poison Ivy from The Cramps has recorded the S.D.O.W. theme song (which is awesome!)... Here Is The First Verse: ...."We are The Hellcats nobody likes! ManEaters On Motorbikes! We own the road so you better get lost!...When you hear the roar & the cut of our exhaust!! Bug-Off or you will find that We'll have blown your minds!!...Get Off The Road!!...We're The ManEaters!!!"... (.I have started "THE BEER DRINKING MANEATER SOCIAL CLUB" here in Vancouver!!!).... We would love to make Ginger Coyote an Honorary Member!!...X! (Find Out More about The Beer Drinking Maneater's On My. Sp.!!!)...X!
Punk Globe: Who was in that band ?

G.J.W.  JP5 did our" W.W.F. Wrestling Parody" / Video at a Wrestling School In Langley, B.C., "THE HOUSE OF PAIN"...JOEY SHITHEAD (Singer from DOA) & Dave Republic (Infamous Wrestling M,C,) make Cameos as the "Sports Announcers!"...Ms. Gerry-Jenn & Lisa Fur take on "The Mechanics of Mayhem" In the Ring for "The Championship Belt"....It was alot of fun training for the shoot, &" YES!!!, WE DO ALL OF OUR OWN STUNTS!!!"...You can see the video on The JP5/Gerry-Jenn Wilson My Sp. Pages & Once & Awhile On" Much Music!!! " (Directed By Vancouver FilmMaker, Micheal Love)...Black Halos, Attack Of The Killer Vibrator, Art Bergman, etc...

Punk Globe: What I really enjoy about you as a performer is how visual you are... You are a show in  yourself with your image.. You have so much personality.

G.J.W.:  I think a live show should attack all "6" Senses!!!...In exception for the sense of smell..(Unless It Is Eau Du Givenchy "Organza", Amber, or Christian Dior's "Poison!")....I recently wrote a song called "L.S.D." a.k.a......(LEAD SINGER DISORDER)...about the power that great frontmen & women have over an audience!!... ...These are the Lyrics to L.S.D.:... ...."Outside of Society with Patty, Walk On The Wildside With Lou Reed, I gave some skin to Iggy Pop, Doing the "WindShield Wiper", & "The BlitzKreig Bop"...Who Is That FireCracker In The Cowboy Hat?!...Always grinning away like a Cheshire Cat?!?..(.I Believe I got "L.S.D.!!!")...I Identify with Hank Williams & Patsy Cline!!...Those Cats were 10 years ahead of the times!!! They sang the songs about true Love & Pain...I believe in the setting sun & Jimi's "Purple Haze!".. (Chorus!):.When I go Away...We'll have a good time when I'm gone!!! We're Not Here to stay!!!...So Let's Have A Good Time & Get Along...I Believe I Got L.S.D.!!!!...Cha! Cha! Cha!!!... Thanks for the compliement Ginger,,,I'll never forget singing "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" with You at The Nightbreak!!!!...X!


Punk Globe: Tell the readers about The Cramps cover band that you have with Billy Hopeless???

G.J.W. :  I got a call from Mr. Billy Hopeless about 6 months prior to my fave day of the year....Billy sez...( in his Billy Halo Voice!)..."How would you like to do a Cramps Tribute for Halloween '07?!"...He went on to say that there has been Misfits, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Black Flag Tributes, etc....."Ain't it about time for a bloody Cramp's Tribute?!"...I could not agree with him more!!...I was flattered that he instantly thought of me to play "POISON IVY" To His "LUX INTERIOR!!!".... We got DAVE Boez (Vancouver Club Promoter) On Bass, & The Deadly Doug Donut from  (Death Sentence) On the Drum- Kitty to make "BAD PEOPLE" (Vancougrr's One & Only Cramp's Halloween Tribute Band) a reality!!!! We got the name from "BAD MUSIC FOR BAD PEOPLE!!", One of The Cramp's Gravest, & Grrreatest Releases to Date!!!.. Billy's 40th birthday happened to be on Oct. 27th/07...& It felt good to make it a special event for him!!!...I gave him a birthday bag of tricks & treats (Which He Loved!)...including a bar of soap from "The Chelsea Hotel" In N.Y.C., A William S. Burrough's Novel, A DVD Of "Out Of The Blue" (A Dennis Hopper Film that was shot In Vancouver, Circa 1970's, featuring a cameo appearance from Van. Punk Legends "The Pointed Sticks"...where ex. DOA/Four Horsemen Drummer DIMWIT (RIP), woo's a starstruck teenage runaway!!!~~a Must see!!)...rumor has it Dennis Hopper was hopped up on Cocaine through-out the entire film!!!...(Imagine That!!!!)...Living up to the band's namesake, Our first "BAD PEOPLE" Rehearsal was shut down by the
police!!! A Noise Complaint!!!... Which we all took as a great omen!!~~(& Sure Enough the show went off without a hitch on Rocktober 31st!)!...The Ramores..(Vancouver's Ultimate Ramone's Tribute
featuring members from The Jolt's)...did a steller job firing up the crowd of Painted Hallows Eve " Zombies, Witches, Mexican Wrestler's, & Ghouls, Oh My!!!"!!!!....THE BAD PEOPLE are talking about doing a "PLASMATIC'S" Tribute in '08 for Halloween, but I may have to arm wrestle Billy Hopeless for The Part Of Ms. Wendy-O Williams...(Ha! Ha)!....Perhap's we can both play her... Billy can be" Pre-Puberty'" ala Electrical tape Wendy-o, & I can be" Post Puberty 'ala electrical tape avec chainsaw"!!!!....Wendy-O!!!...All Is Fair In Love, War & R&R!!!!
Punk Globe: Give Billy my love.. I met him with The Black Halo's ...
Do you know Johnny Stewart who is from Winnipeg and Vancouver and now plays in The Black Halo's?

G.J.W. : I don't know Johnny Stewart, but i'm sure that i'll meet him sooner than later! Vancouver is a town struggling to be a city!!!..It's rare that you meet someone here that has lived here all there lives!!!...Billy Hopeless sends his "Black Halo Love Back Atcha!!!"...X!
Punk Globe: Give us the 411 on what is going on with Dave Gregg?
He is such a great guy!

G.J.W.:  Dave Gregg has moved back to Vancouver from New York City and is now playing guitar in "The Real McKenzies", who are just finishing up recording their 4th CD!!..(So they should be ready to tour soon!!)...They're still on Fat Records!!..Cal Thompson (LGA Guitarist/Luthier) is making Dave a L'il guitar, so with a l'il luck we may get him to join "The L'Il Guitar Army!!"..He sends his love!!..I told him to check-out the great photo of you & him on your Ginger Coyote My Sp. Page!!



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