Gerry Jenn - Pt 2


By Ginger Coyote




Punk Globe: What are your thoughts on Amy Winehouse?

G.J.W.:   Amy Winehouse Is A Brilliant Artist/Gorgeous & Gifted Woman!!! I was happy that she got "The Grammy" nomination. ... (Although she could afford to get some meat on her bones!!) MEOW!!!!..( I Can't Help But Adore & love her Skinny Soul Singing Scandolous Arse!!)...Ha! Ha!!!
Plus The Limey Diva Knows how to keep her "Beehive Intact" (Even If the Paparazzi catch her after a 3-Day Bender In Brixton, UK)!!!!...I have her "LIVE At Shepard's Bush Empire" On DVD In London '07!!..My fave songs are 'YOU KNOW I'M KNOW GOOD", REHAB, & "BACK TO BLACK!!!"....My Fave Amy Winehouse Lyric which I repeat like I have "Turret's Syndrome" is "WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THIS?"....(from her song "Me & Mr. Jones~~!" hour doesn't go by in the day when I'm not wailing "FUCKERY!!!" this "FUCKERY that!!!"...& for this  SISTER AMY WINEHOUSE" I THANK-YOU!!!!"...If Amy Winehouse was a JawBreaker The Ingredients (Minus The Drug Tests) would consist of the following flavors:::"Edie , Nico, Whitney, Britney, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross, & Big Mama Thorton!!"....."VIVA LA AMY WINEHOUSE FUCKERY!!!"...X!....
Punk Globe: Speaking of rad strong Women-  I love The Cobalt do you play there
alot.. Wendy Thirteen is so fucking cool! What other venues do you like to play at

G.J..W.:  Funny that you would mention "The Cobalt Hotel!!"....Wendy 13, (Vancouver's Punk Rock Promoter ExtraOrdinare!)... is not only my Punk Soul Sister #1, but her & I are neighbors here in East VanCougrr!!!..We both have a fetish for painting like "Jackson Pollock", "Mary-Jane" Green is the color of our fave Crayola, & I was the First & Last Waitress to ever sling beer @ The Cobalt (When the bar transformed from a strip-bar to punk bands!!)...I did'nt make enough tips to stay on as staff, So I did a B-MOVIE MONDAY for awhile there ... Showing My Fave "Russ Myers, John Carpenter, John Waters, Stanley Kubrick, etc.. Films..(That Lasted for About 3 Months!) ..Punk Rock Legend/ Singer CHI-PIG (The Singer for SNFU works there now as a bus-boy/Portrait Artist/M.C. On Special Nights!!!)...I'll be doing a Solo performance Sat., Dec. 15th @ The Cobalt with Ani Kyd, Mr. Plow, I, BrainEater, Dirty Swagger, & Micheal Kyd...Pub 340, The Anza Club, The Plaza, Pat's Pub, The Picadilly, & The Commodore are also decent venues here in Vancouver!

Punk Globe: I wish you would move to California .. I would be in a band with you in a  New York minute.... Maybe I should move to BC.... But don't  think I could take the cold weather..
G.J.W.:  There isn't much of a "Music Industry" here in Vancouver at all Dahlink, so let me meet you in S.F!!!...Your Either Bryan Adams or  doing what every clever Indie band does here...*( & that is ...RECORD & TOUR! TOUR! TOUR!!!!)....It's been snowing here like crazy which is great for The Snowboarder's...but aside from that, I'm "California Dreaming"!! 

Punk Globe: Tell the readers about your best show  you have ever played?

G.J.W.:  JP5 have played some wild shows @ The Penthouse (Vancouver's Oldest Strip Bar,
where Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. & The Rest Of The Rat Pack Use To Perform & Hussle Dames!)...for the NXNW Music Festival...We Had a "Best ManBreast's In The West" Wet T-Shirt Contest, where Stephen Hamm from Canned Hamm took the prize!! JP5 have played some memorable shows with DOA (on tour to The SXSW), Nashville Pussy, Agent Orange (In Fort Collins, Colorado), The Headstones, The Humpers, Nine Pound Hammer, etc..& of course one of my fave shows of alltime was when The Muscle Bitches Played The NightBreak In S.F. With "The White Trash Debutantes!!!" back in the Nasty 90's!!!
Punk Globe: And how about your worst show?

G.J.W.:   JP5 played The Lamplighter Pub, Indie Car Racing Week-End In Vancouver '03...The Bar Was packed Over Capacity..During our last song I was doing a guitar solo on a table next to a huge window (8ft. X 8ft.)...I got pushed into the window & went right through it surrounded by broken glass (that could have decapitated me!) onto the street!!...Luckily the bar was on the main floor!!...I got rushed to  St. Paul's Hospital where the Doc. put 12 blue stitches on my right buttcheek (to match my blue hair-do at the time!!!)...(.The Carpet has to match the drapes!!)...
Punk Globe: Tell the readers about releases that you are on.


* WE'LL PUNK YOU UP!!! (Compilation of 17 Canadian Punk Bands JP5, Sick Boys, Real McKenzies, etc... on Stumble Records) SHOTSPOTS!! (A Punk Tribute To Trooper)...(Comp. featuring JP5, SNFU, DOA, Day-Glo Abortions,etc.. On Visionary Records)  

*ACCRUSTIC COMPILATION ( Gerry-Jenn unplugged with Mr. Plow, Vancouver Shame, Blackie Leblanc,etc.. CRUSTY Records) * BRIDGEBURNER (Comp. of Vancouver Bands featuring JP5, Hissy Fit, Ted, Ten Days Late on Bridgeburner Records)

* GREEN PLANET (Green Party CD Comp. featuring JP5, Bif Naked, Joe Shithead & DOA, &
Randy Bachman

* JP5 "HOT BOX" (13 Song Debut CD featuring the Smash Hits "Beer Drinking Maneater's", As Is. Dept., & Accident Prone, On Sudden Death Records)

* MUSCLE BITCHES "Demon Boy Takes A Bride" (Sammy Newton & Gerry-Jenn team up for one wild & crazy ride on "Toupee", "Tramp" & "Paradise Slaves!!", etc..BAPTIST CRACKER PRESENTS..)

Punk Globe: Any tour plans?

G.J.W.:   I am one of the few musicians in Vancouver that love to tour!!...Have R&R Will Travel!!!...As soon as JP5 or The L'Il Guitar Army get our Disc's Out, The Merchandise together, Yada! Yada!...You should see one of the bands touring down the west coast by the summer of '08!!...I have yet to tour Europe, Australia, or Japan...this simply must happen sooner than later!!!


Punk Globe: You have also taken a turn into acting.. Tell us what you have done

G.J.W. :   I was in a "Fringe Festival" Garage Rock Musical "Phat Tank" were I played the lead role of "The Silencer", (A Whip Weilding, Singing Domanatrix!!),....I got my start in film doing music videos for Tank-Hog, Junkhouse, Joe Six Pack, The Real McKenzies,JP5,etc... which ended up getting me a bit part in "Bruce McDonald's" HARDCORE LOGO" where I played the glamorous role of a groupie from Regina, Saskatchewan!!..I was a drug dealers girlfriend in "Neck Of Lace" Directed by The Talented Vancouver Pop Artist I, BRAINEATER..!!
Punk Globe: Will we see any Oscar, Golden Globe nominations like we have with Ms. Courtney Love?

G.J.W.:   Now that I finally have an Agent, The Lovely Ms. Coco Moon (Double Agents), I've been getting some tasty paying gigs (which is always nice!). THE L-WORD was alot of fun!!..I got to do a scene with Pam Greir aka "Foxy Brown"...where she serves me a "Movie Latte" @ The "SHE BAR", & hang with Cybil Sheppard & the lovely ladies!!!...I had to dance to Roxy Music's "Do The Strand" about 20 X!!!...I have never seen so many gorgeous "Lipstick Lesbians" In a real Gay Bar..but I was'nt bitching!!!...As far as Oscar, & Golden Globe nominations go, we'll have to see how lucky I am, or who I meet along the way!!!...Your picture of Courtney Love wearing a "WHITE TRASH DEB'S" T-Shirt Is Priceless by the way!!!...X!

Punk Globe: You seem to have no limitations.. Is there anything you have not tried that you want to venture into?

G.J.W.:  It seems a crime not to write a "Tell All Autobiography" Eventually!!! I've been too busy living life to find the time, but where there is a will there is a way!!...Joe Shithead from DOA just put out his book..(I, SHITHEAD)...& Billy Hopeless from the Black Halos is working on his Bio. as well!!!....So Be On The look-out for Ms. Gerry-Jenn Wilson's "TRUE CONFESSION'S OF A R&R TRASHMAVEN/BEER DRINKING MANEATER!!!"...(You Can read about Gerry-Jenn getting into PORN in Chris Walter's Short Story "LIES" from his latest masterpiece "Tales From The Gutter" (On GFY Press)...this is fiction however!!! Ha! Ha!)... Perhaps you & I can start a R&R Clothing Line/Accesories together!!!...It seems to be working for Ms. Gwen, The Beastie Boys, &  Kim Gordon Of Sonic Youth!!! (etc)...& if Britney & J-Lo can have thier own Mainstream Fragrance...I say It's Time for "Ginger & G.J" to get our own special scent for the modern "TRASHMAVEN" & "WHITETRASH DEBUTANTE!!"...The Smell of FEMME FATALE R&R in a Martini/Pitchfork Shaped Bottle!!!....X! X! X!

Punk Globe: You have met so many "Stars" tell us some of your favorites..

G.J.W.:  Stompin' Tom Conners is a Country Canadian Legend & a sweetheart! K.D. Lang convinced him to come out of retirement after he wrote his autobiography "Before The Fame". During an intermission at his concert in Richmond B.C., I approached a rather handsome man at the bar & said "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like a 20 yr. Old version of "Stompin Tom?!?"....Much to my surprise Mr. Cutie's reply was, "Why yes they have darling, I'm Tom Conners Jr., & I'm My Dad's Tour Manager!!!..." I got to meet  Stompin' Tom after the show & we drank our share of his fave. beer "MooseHead!"....& Tom Jr. & I are still pals!!... Iggy is as cool as f*ck!!!... He Pulled me up onstage at The Commodore & we sang "The Passenger" together...If I did'nt have pictures I still would think I was dreaming!! My girlfriends from "Lik The Pole" took up most of his time backstage however, but I got to become good friends with his guitarist "The Mighty Whitey" who lives in Calgary, Alberta!!...The last time JP5 toured through "CowTown", Whitey came to the gig & gave me a ride in his new Porche!!!...(Must Be Nice!).... David Duchcovny from The X-Files asked me out on a date at The Vancouver Aquarium...I did'nt know it was him until all of the Extras on the set asked me what we were talking about...In hindsight, I should of said "Hell Yeah!!"....I've been told he's quite the pervert!!! When I was working with Legendary Engineer/Producer "Dave The Rave Oglivie" (Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy, Genitorturers, Orgy, etc..)  on recording a demo-deal
for Sony US with my ex. band "BLACK EYE BUDDHA", he was also working with Rob Halford from JUDAS PRIEST'S new band "Two"...we went to see them play here in Van., & after the show Dave took me to meet him on his tour bus...Need-less-to-say I was impressed to meet "Mr. Hellbent for Leather",( who could very well be a W.W.F. Wrestler if he gets tired of playing R&R!!!)...He's Big, Bald, & Leatherclad...& since I was the only Grrlie on the tour bus, I was'nt surprised to find out that he's gay!!...He's got good taste in fella's, I might add!...

Punk Globe: Give the readers your My Space  addresses and also your Website addresses so they can check you out...... 

Punk Globe: Any last words that you would like to add? We Love You Gerry Jenn  Wilson.....Keep On Rawkin'

G.J.W.: Keep Your Ears & Eyes Open for Vancouver's " Ultra-Sexplosive Trainwreck& Roller's".....
"JP5!!!"...Coming To Your Town ...(On Menstrual Cycles) SOON!!! Vrrrooooom! Vrrroooom!!..........X!
Stay Tuned for The" L'IL GUITAR ARMY'S " Debut CD "30 WATT'S TO FREEDOM!!!!....(Lock Up Your Liquor

Cheers!!!...Gerry-Jenn Wilson...XXX! OOooooo


Punk Globe would like to thank Gerry Jenn Wilson for a great interview... We hope you all check out her My Space site and give her a shout out.... Gerry Jenn you Rawk Sister Friend!