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By: Pamela Torres
"Why are you so demented?"
Dim the lights, ignite your candles, and hide your children. After sipping some warm blood from the golden chalice and chanting a few magic spells, I have returned to the Punk Globe to review some doom tunes inscribed by a screeching undead prophet; a charismatic master of ceremonies from Burbank, California named Edward "ZYRA" Nyahay. Because he has spent so much of his time lurking deep in the musical undeground, not alot is known about him. However, what I did discover is that ZYRA has recently written and published a novel titled "Wings of Flesh - Expel Your Demons...Enjoy the Flight." "The Confession LP" bears a bunch of raw and untamed tracks that were recorded over the last couple of years when ZYRA collaborated with studio players like Gary Cappuccio, Jon Natel, Alan Nadler and Steve Counsell. For the most part, this album delivers industrial-tainted stoner rock implanted in a series of blasphemous psalms. Highly recommended for fans of King Diamond and Marilyn Manson