Zolar X

X Marks The Spot

By Carl Macki


Ygarr Ygarrist -- Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizers
Eon Flash -- Drums, Vocals, Synthesizers
Qazar Quantor -- Vocals, Synthesizers


Oveon Triopp
Retro Rockets
Hyper Space Drive
I'm Plugged In
Saucers On Sunset
In Orbit Around You
Astro Tots
Back In Hollywood
Message Transmitting
Plutonian Marmalade
Speed of Thought
A Moment in Time
Holiday On Mars
X Marks The Spot

In 1977 - 1978, Ygarr Ygarrist resided on La Jolla St., in the very same apt.
later occupied by the legendary Plunger Sisters (Mary Rat, Trudie, and Hellin Killer).
In this apt. which later became known as The Plunger Pit, Ygarr joined forces with an ever revolving lineup of LA punks, called the SPYS.

Ygarr and Rock later migrated to the infamous Canterbury Apartments - the early residence of punk luminaries such as The Screamers, The Go-Go's,The Germs, and many more.

 The only consistent SPYS members were Ygarr, and legendary early punk
scenster Rock "Bottom" Halsey. Hence, the band has been rechristened in the modern age,as "Rock Bottom and the Spys." During Ygarr's stay at the Canterbury, he penned some of hisfinest material, including the song Timeless, which is the title track of the recent (2004) Alternative Tentacles Zolar X retrospective.

This cult space alien glam band gained its following in Los Angeles in the seventies eighties including a stay as the house band at famed LA DJ Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco club.Their only record of that era, "Timeless," was released in 1982. Upon the enthusiastic reception of the Alternative Tentacles re-release of "Timeless" in 2004, the band reformed -- without co-lead singer Zory Zenith -- and "X Marks The Spot" is their new 2007 release.

In addition to being profiled in the documentary on Rodney Bingenheimer, "The Mayor of Sunset Strip."
Zolar X is the main focus of an upcoming movie Timeless - Starmen On Sunset. The film is scheduled for release in 2008, directed by Chuck Nolan.

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