ZIPPO RAID - The Special Olympics of PUNK ROCK:
by Anna Pirhana


Boston punk band Zippo Rock almost seems to celebrate their loser status, but do it with such revelry that it's hard not to like them.  They are the self-styled old school Boston DIY punk band, a throw back to old punk music "...the way it used to be..."  Undoubtedly, their sound is old-school punk, a style perhaps overdone and overheard over the last twenty years, but Zippo Raid makes it enjoyable and manages to mix it up well enough to achieve their own unique sound.  Their lyrics are classic rebel anger blended with humor and unabashedly  drunk/screw, with songs that even include excerpts from the classic "Sanford and Son" in the DOA-ish song "Drink Fuck Fuck" and "Irish Blood".  Their cover of "Kids in America" is amusing, especially in light of all the other songs on this CD.




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