By the Santa Fe New Mexican


...Playing at the Austin Convention Center -- for some Direct TV live concert series, was X, the classic Los Angeles punk group that's broken up and reformed a few times, but still sounds fresh and vibrant. Last time I saw this group was at Club Luna in santa Fe circa 1993. At that point Tony Gilkyson, a former Santa Fe boy, was playing guitar with the group. Nowadays original guitarist Billy Zoom is back in the fold. With his blonde pompadour and Chuck Berry licks, Zoom still looks as if he wandered into the wrong group, thinking he was joining a rockabilly band. But he still looks as if he's having the time of his life. And of course the highlight of X still is the weird harmonies of Exene and John Doe. They sing together as if they've uncovered some secret Appalachian code to summon the spirits of ancestors. The group played exclusively their old, better-known songs -- "Los Angeles," "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene," "White Girl," "The New World," "We're Desparate," "The Hungry Wolf." Some of those songs are 30 years old, but to these ears, they don't sound dated. But I'm wondering whether John and Exene have a few more new songs suitable for X left in them.