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My Calendar had been marked since mid- December for this weekend of frolicking and adventure. It been ages since I had seen White Trash Debutantes and I needed my fix.  Most of you know Ginger is an Icon from the Bay Area  and  started publishing Punk Globe  in the late 70's with a break to concentrate on The White Trash Debutantes. Now, she is doing them both and helps keep girls like me inspired "that you should never stop doing what you believe in". A few years back, Ginger decided to migrate to Hollywood and I feel that it was a smart move. Since Starlets are most at home in the City Of Angels. Since the move she has done a couple Movie's "Tweek City" and "Fame Now" appeared on "Mad TV" and is soon to appear in a release directed by Jon Gries ("Napoleon Dynamite") tentatively called "Grinning and Pickin' "that will begin shooting soon.    

 THE DOORMATS started out the night and everyone was just standing around as a funny little man danced around violently. I ordered my first drink and the liquor was starting to intoxicate my blood and I knew the night was gonna be fun.

Up next were CANDY FROM STRANGERS and they were amazing!  Ruby is a sweet and vivacious front lady combined with Pauli Gray on the guitar the chemistry is explosive.. The place was packed and the mood was set this was GINGER's homecoming show.. The one she deserved. THE WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES kicked major ass ripping through tunes like "Susan Lucci","Livin' Lavida Loca", "Whipping Boy” and my all time favorite "Super Star" had the place sweating rock n roll. My "Ginger" creation even hit the stage doing a shake with Ruby, Lula and Tina.. Atom Ellis and Ricky wowed us with a tight rhythm section and Pauli wailed on punk rawk guitar...The band invited me to sing “Super Star" with them. At first I was a bit timid but after first chord the rest of the night was a blur. I do remember seeing  Dave (Insaints), Mary, Zeke, Ruby Ray, Sweet Tommy, Donald Walker, Annette, Gary, Kat plus so many more.

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