Interview With Ginger Coyote of White Trash Debutantes
by Steve DIY

You've been going for a few years now so what just inspires you to carry on?

It has been years and lots of hard work. Just when I get bored something exciting happens that makes me want to continue. We have been blessed when I look back on it with a lot of opportunities. First and foremost being involved with Joey Ramone was an honor. He was a gifted person and also was very helpful to so many bands. All The Ramones were great. The tours and all the bands we met was great. When the invitation to Tonya Harding hit the wires... that was AMAZING. We had the press from Africa, Europe, Australia, China and Japan calling us. We spent so much time doing interviews. Seeing places I always dreamed of seeing. Being on The Jerry Springer Show with Punk Rock Patty was lots of fun. Being able to record "Judy is a Punk" for the Ramones Tribute Todos Somos Ramones on Rockaway Records from Argentina - was a great way to pay homage to a band that changed my World.

Does it annoy you at times that while you've been rockin' out for all those years that bands just come along and despite having no originality get record deals?

I really do not believe in the term "Overnight Sensation." All those Boy Bands have been kicking around before they really made it big. I think luck falls on certain people and some know how to use it. Others who get it are clueless and lose it after one hit. The Ramones never got the proper respect they so deserved in the USA. But they were consistent and always played the music they loved, never really compromised to make it. Bebe Buell has a great voice but people always see her as a Playboy Centerfold rather than an artist to be taken seriously. Bebe is proving to all she has substance. Look at Blondie and when Debbie Harry took time off looking after Chris Stein's health. When she took that break Madonna slinked in. I hope Debbie now will get her just dues... I think what goes around comes around for us all.

There's obviously a lot of influences in your sound but out of all those bands that inspired you who would you have liked to have played with the most?

I loved The NY Dolls, Joe Jackson, The Clash, X-Ray Specs, there are so many bands that I could mention that I wished we could play with. I am happy that we have played with a lot of my influences, Judy Tenuta, Ramones, Blondie, Motorhead, L7, Julie Brown, Green Day.  I really like Brody Dalle and the Distillers and would like to play with them and a show with Courtney Love would rock.

You used to do a fanzine and are there plans to do any more or are you just happy to play Rock N Roll?

Funny you should mention Punk Globe. Tammy Adin who is working on an International West Memphis Three Day on the anniversary of their arrest in June...anyway we are planning on resurrecting Punk Globe on line with the same format from the 80's. It should be good fun. I have just set up a MySpace page for Punk Globe and have had so many people contact me. It is a great response.

Some of your lyrics are pretty much tongue in cheek so are you surprised that some people have considered them offensive?

It amazes me that the country has so many conservative ideals, but then we have George W in office so that tells you something. Well, I guess the next time we accept an award we will have to thank God and hope an orgy will happen.. Something similar to what happened at the Vibe awards with Young Buck But we will use SEX!!!

I just read in your press sheet that you had a Punk Rock Granny playing with you - how did that come about? And how did she go down with the audience?

Everyone loved Punk Rock Patty. Who could not love a 80 year old woman who smoked weed and partied down with The Cadillac Tramps and Rancid. She was an inspiration to us all. Because you get older does not mean you lose your sense of adventure. She proved you can be a senior and still have lots of fun. She always had a posse of young boys flocking around her.

So what plans have you for the band in 2005 and beyond?

We have some releases coming out in Australia and I would LOVE to tour Europe and would love to release product there as well. We have a big show for LA Pride with Debbie Harry and Julie Brown on June 11th. I am really nervous about meeting Julie Brown, I have loved her since her "Just Say Julie" show on MTV and loved everything she has done since Medusa Dare To Be Truthful was genius.. The spoof on my pal Tonya Harding was great also.

The Movie "TWEEK CITY,"  we filmed a while back will be premiering May 8,2005 at Monica 4Plex for  the" Dances With Films"  Festival in Santa Monica, California..We have invited Courtney Love, Roddy Bottum, Efren Ramirez(Pedro Sanchez- "Napoleon Dynamite), Janet Charlton and the wonderful Jonathan Gries.. I know all the stars of "Tweek City" be there.. White Trash Debutantes are in the Movie and have music on the soundtrack..

You obviously look as if you guys like a great time so who is the party animal of the band and any funny stories to share regarding drunken incidents?

I would have to say Punk Rock Patty was the ultimate Party Animal. She smoked out with The Hell's Angels in NY. Made out with Tim Armstrong from Rancid in Berkeley and made Gaby the lead singer from the Cadillac Tramps her Man in Vancouver BC. Was The Belle Of The Ball at Punk Fest in Portland, Oregon smoking out with all the kids.

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Thanks to Ginger Coyote of the White Trash Debuntantes for taking the time out to do this interview.

(Interview conducted by Steve DIY)


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