"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Wired and Inspired
By: Rotten
Independent artists mainly get a bad run of things these days, If you are not on a major label and people are not backing you, Its tough to get your music heard. But indie artist Mark Emmins is currently breaking through with some exciting things happening and coming at us with his latest album, WIRED AND INSPIRED.
While the sound is basically hard rock in the vein of a AOR tradition, Mark has a punk rock heart, and his delivery has a truck load of feeling.
Songs like NO.1 FAN have a big chorus, definitely arm in the air stadium rock stuff, with a passion and a bite. KRYPTONITE has some nice melodies and great guitar lines running through it and has to be the only song ever to liken a woman to superman's feared substance - which makes this totally original, which is a good thing. My favorite on the album is the track WALKING WITH THE CRAZED, and I can't help thinking if this track was a single, American radio stations would love this kind of thing, it evokes memories of Alice In Chains, but of course, is totally British. No one in the UK at the moment is actually doing stuff like this, while every band is being a tenth rate Muse or Green Day copyist, Its nice to hear something like this, totally original, big sounding and pleasant on the ear drums.
I can see Mark going far with this album, because in this day and age, he is in a field of his own, If you are a fan of Rock with slight nods to the Seattle and AOR sounds, I'd advice you to get WIRED AND INSPIRED.