WINSTON SMITH - The Culmination Of The Evoluation Of Destruction:
by Ginger Coyote

Winston Smith hail from Arcata , CA and were named after the lead character in the George Orwell masterpiece "1984."

Not famed Artist Winston Smith (H.E.A.R., GREEN DAY , DEAD KENNEDY'S). They have been described as "a public service announcement --- with guitars!"

This CD contains 8 tracks of music that is filled with tongue in cheek thought provoking sarcasm. The premise of the band is to show having Bush in power has made America alot more conscious. Bassist Ryan Emenaker is quite active in  political groups in Humboldt County and is happy with how the band is making people question the political system. With songs like "Never Look  a Monkey in the Face," "Let's Decompose and Enjoy Assembling" you can't go wrong........Move over Jello Biafra!

                   WINSTON SMITH
                   2068 Tina CT.
                   Arcata, CA 95521


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