By: The Bullet
Punk Globe: What band are you in?
Punk Globe: What instrument do you play? When and why did you start playing it?
W.C.: Bass and sing, Been playing for about 20 years.
Punk Globe: What genre do you consider your band?
W.C.: Rock Fusion, We cross all genres,
Punk Globe: How did you into Punk Rock?
W.C.: By accident, I have been a booking agent about as long as Ive been playing music. The Virus wanted a show in San Diego, I booked it and it was crazy, ended in a near riot just after we finished playing.
Punk Globe: What brought you into being a juggalo?
W.C.: I really couldn't tell you. I can tell you that Juggalos are fanatics about the bands they support.
Punk Globe: Are you both a Punk Rocker and a Juggalo or do you choose one over the other?
W.C.: I don't could consider myself a punk rocker, I play punk and do some punk shows, but that lifestyle doesn't appeal to me. Not that its good or bad, Just not for me.
Punk Globe: What are your views on the kids who call bands "sellouts" when the band is making money and isnt dirt poor?
W.C.: I thinks that's bullshit, Why shouldn't you get paid for what you do.People can call me a sellout all they want, I donut work for anyone but myself and I do what the fuck i want. I play Rock N Roll and get paid for it, Better than working for some douchebag and having them tell you what to do.
Punk Globe: What do you think of the Punk scene in your hometown of San Diego, how has it changed over the years as you grew up?
W.C.: The punk scene in San Diego is the biggest fucking joke ever, If your band gets huge all of a sudden "Your not kool" But I guess you are kool playing a dive with 20 people. Punkers here have no loyalty to local bands, they fuck up venues, start fights,etc. No one wants to be bothered with that much bullshit. Most venues here the real ones wont touch a punk show. I cant blame them.
Punk Globe: When did you start your first band?
W.C.: 20 years ago a few months after I bought a bass
Punk Globe: How long have you been playing and recording music for?
W.C.: The last 15 years
Punk Globe: What does being a Juggalo mean to you?
W.C.: Its a family thing, All 1 million in the USA alone. Loyalty, brotherhood. Some people think its a joke. Its far from that. Its a lot bigger than most people could ever imagine. Don't let the clown make up fool you for a second. 4 states have passed gang injunctions on Juggalos, I know that where ever I am I will always have my brothers and sisters no matter what. One Juggalo needs help 100 will show up without question to aid a brother or sister. Lo or Lette, Its very real and a very good thing.
Punk Globe: Who are your top influences musically?
W.C.: Slayer. Bodycount, ICE T, Misfits. Motley Crue,
Punk Globe: Who were some of your favorite bands to share the stage with?
W.C.: ICE T, Warrant, Misfits, Leftover Crack, Youth Brigade, DI, The Partisans, The Mentors, Stephen Adler and Dizzy Reed from Guns N Roses. Stephen Pearcy from Ratt. Problem from Snoops Dogg Pound, Sham 69. Those are my favorites.
Punk Globe: Do you have any other passions outside of music?
W.C.: Skateboarding and pinball machines. I get old pinball machines and Stand up video games restore them and sell them. I also run an animal rescue center in San Diego and we rescue dogs, and find them homes. On the weekends when I don't have shows We cook food for people at the homeless shelter. My passion besides music is making a difference and helping people and animals. That what Willie PSYCHO is about.
Punk Globe would like to thank The Bullet and Willie Carter for the interview...