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"Who Killed Nancy"
Alan G. Parker
Say the names "Sid and Nancy" and everyone who ever knew anything about the punk scene or music in general knows you're talking about punk's answer to Romeo and Juliet. Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen continue to be a subject of interest and speculation following their outrageous, tumultuous and fatal lifestyle and history. For many years, following the October 12, 1978 stabbing death of Nancy Spungen, the general accepted concensus was Sid killed Nancy (according to the NY police departments handling of the case) but others knew better.
"Who Killed Nancy" is a powerful, informative and exceptional documentary film done by Alan G. Parker ("Love Kills", "Final 24" and "The Clash: From Westway to the World") following a request to him by Sid's mother, Anne Beverly, to clear her son's name in Nancy's death, and Parker leaves no stone or dark event unturned and sets things in perspective, as they should have been then, once and for all!
Testimonials by those closest to the royal rock couple include Steve Dior, Neon Leon, Leee Childers Black, Helen Killer, Esther Dior, Kathleen Wirst, Howie Pyro, and others crucial to the punk scene and history, give new insights to that fatal time leading up to the discovery of Nancy's barely clad body under the sink of room 100 of the Chelsea hotel and also answers the question "Did Sid really commit suicide or was his overdose accidental". Who was Michelle Robson, the last lady in Sid's life and who and where is the infamous "Mikey" who, according to the documentary, could have been the one responsible for Nancy's death?
This is not a hit and miss film; not by a long shot! Time lines are laid out minute by minute, day by day, and no stone, no matter how painful to those involved, is left unturned by Alan Parker, and FOR ONCE, a new light is shed upon the entire tragedy that is Sid and Nancy. If you're a fan of music, the punk scene, or just like a well done documentary, you HAVE to check out "Who Killed Nancy". For more information on the film or how to order it, check out: