We Won't March (EP)
Speaker Speaker
by Carl Macki

We Won't March (EP)
by Speaker Speaker
Burning Building Records
Seattle, WA
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Band Members
Colin McBride -- Vocals, Guitars
Danny Oleson -- Bass
Jasen Samford -- Drums

Track List
We Won't March
Loveland CO
Call It Off (live)
Radio Days (live)
Do You Still Hate Me?

This Seattle band with a sweet pop punk ax to grind sounded to me like the Replacements,
that is the what they gave me from listening, certainly, to "Call It Off."
And what a nice memory that is.
Bands don't trailblaze on memories alone, however.
I must tell you about the singer Colin McBride.
He has a decent voice. It is not spectacular. It is adequate. At times he whines and screams and whips himself into such a frenzy that the words come out like lumpy saliva
in a power pop breakfast of frenetic exuberance.
It's not Howard Dean on meltdown. It was startling at first to hear it.
They get your attention even as the rhythms floats through different memories.
They do a Jambreaker song, "Do You Still Hate Me?" Like that band, they seem to combine hardcore with pop fizz punk
I would like to see them live. They are playing in San Francisco on June 8 at the Edinburgh Castle. That's also one of the dates of the DirkFest -- see Louie Report.

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Which brings me to:

924 Gilman: The Story So Far."

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