"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> WE WERE THE STATES
Chicken Ranch Records
By Ginger Coyote
End Of Us
Daft Since "77
(I'm Not My) Bob
Don't Ask Why
Paris Green
Iris & I
I Need A Friend
Under The Hand
Hot Waves
Hailing from Murfreesboro Tennessee We Were The States are a 5 piece indie pop band who started recording their new CD "Rasa" just before the floods started happening in Nashville... With 2 feet of water at Coat Of Arms Studio they became very discouraged... After two years of thinking all their music would be completely derailed the band got together with very limited funds started recording the CD... They worked with Producers Jesse Newport and Daniel Feese at Club Roar Studio's... . They convinced Vocalist Justin Webb to approach the songs as if he had never heard them before. The formula worked... Webb has a voice that sometimes resembles a young Robert Plant. Although We Were The States music does not resemble Led Zeppelin in anyway shape or form.. The music is very college radio friendly.. I understand they played at South By Southwest and were the indie darlings... I can appreciate their effort but not my style of music....