October 2017


A Tribute To
Wendy Palomino
By: Nikki Palomino

Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough. Artist, Go-Go Dancer, model, humanitarian and the girl who caught more than one famous rock star's eye......R.I.P. Wendy Palomino September 7-September 13, 2015....Forever 21 and by far one of my biggest fans as I hers. One night we were at the Whiskey a go go on Sunset in Hollywood seeing Kill Devil Hill with Deann and Marc Zavon, KDH guitarist. Wendy kept complaining because the music was too loud. (Heavy Metal, for heaven's sake, with Marc Zavon named in Guitar Player Magazine’s “Spotlight., former 40 cycle hum, Stephen Pearcy, drummer Vinne Appice, former Black Sabbath, bass player Rex Brown, former Pantera, vocalist Dewey Bragg, former Pissing Razors) She was leaning against the bar holding her ears and a biker dude leaned over to her and dropped a small baggie on the bar. She smiled the smile that made her an icon. Then the biker opened the baggie and dumped the white substance on the bar. She took a closer look reaching for a straw. Then she frowned. "Shit, I thought that was coke!" On the bar were two earplugs. Wendy scowled at the biker. He shrugged,"Well, you was holding your ears." But she stuffed them in anyway. "Still too loud." Later that night Wendy left in a bad mood walking down Sunset to head home. Deann and I ran out after her. "You didn't bring a car, Chica!" I yelled. She whipped back around. "Well, now you tell me!" Deann and I looked at each other in amazement. "That's my Wendy!" (By Nikki Palomino If you want for Hot gossip. The biker was spreading earplugs made possible by H.E.A.R.

Still Dazed. Through a Grunge Rockers Eyes. Nikki Palomino