By: Brian Walsey

Over the past 20 years BRIAN WALSBY has become somewhat of a reluctant punk/comic celebrity/pariah. BRIANís hilarious satirical cartoons expose the punk/indie world for the overly dramatic microcosm that it often is. BRIAN has no lack of credentials when it comes to critiquing underground music and culture. Since 1983 BRIANís artwork has graced the pages of many magazines such as MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Ink Disease, FLIPSIDE, Suburban Voice, CHUNKLET, Left Of The Dial, Artcore, Hustlerís ďBarely legalĒ (we kid you not), and many others. Heís also drawn album cover art for everyone from MELVINS to 7 SECONDS. Mr. Walsby is also well known as the drummer for influential bands such as POLVO, PATTY DUKE SYNDROME (RYAN ADAMS) , WWAX (Mac Macaughn), SCARED STRAIGHT, SHINY BEAST, and many others. In short; whether or not people love or hate BRIAN WALSBY, they want to see/hear what he has to say. If youíre upset by BRIANís work, you probably should be. This one will be instores July 11, 2006.  



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