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Self titled E.P.
By: Michael Rys
My experience with Canadian bands have been cut and dried simple.Ive found they either completely bore me to death like Triumph, Honeymoon Suite and Rush do or they are rip roaring awesomeness like DOA, No Means No,Teenage Head and The Sinisters were. No middle ground in Canada. But that's ok makes things much simpler when you either suck or you don't. Steve Scarlet's old band The Sinisters were all things punk, dangerous,stoned, sexy and sometimes physco! So when the chance came to review Steve's latest band Voodoo Bunny I was primed to either love it or absolutely hate it.
The new EP by Voodoo Bunny is self titled and I believe this is the first release by the band since forming in 2009. Comprised of Scarlet on guitar, Phil Skot on drums, bassist Ash Keenan and on vocals Tresor they have cut four songs for the disc ranging in subject matter lyrically from Zombies, Aliens, Clones and the pleasure of a few tattoo's. One might be more prepared for a prog rock sound but thankfully its not the case here.. The rhythm section sets a hard as nails pace, and Steve Scarlet still riffs a plenty with fuzz ,wah and flange firmly ensconced in his over the top sound. The deal maker in Voodoo Bunny and the disc is the vocals of Tresor. Her voice on all four tracks ( First,Zed is For Zombie,Pimp My Clones, and Eight Tattoo's) is what takes songs that might otherwise quickly burn hot and fizzle and turns them into white hot slow burners. Its hard to believe that anything Scarlet is playing guitar on could end up this sultry and yet not lose the dangerous quality his work is known for but Voodoo Bunny and fans have Tresor to thank for it. All four tracks are primo but if I had to pick a favorite I'm going with Eight Tattoo's. Can't wait to hear more form Voodoo Bunny and hopefully catch them live.
Picture from bands myspace page Check out Voodoo Bunny here-www.myspace.com/voodoo13bunny