Blanche Davidian
Orange Sunshine
Vodka Tonic Media
y Ginger Coyote


Vodka Tonic  Media
P.O. Box 1975
Tempe, AZ 85280-1975
Jamie Monistat-Lead Vocals
Mike Hawk- Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nikki Seven- Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ozzy Osmond- Bass, Backing Vocals
Hugh Jass- Drums, Backing Vocals

 Orange Sunshine is the sophomore album from Arizona's glitter punks, Blanche Davidian. The 12 track CD is released as a joint effort between the band's own Exquisite Swine label and Vodka Tonic Media. Each and every track was self-produced by Blanche Davidian at their own studio. Orange Sunshine is guitar driven with alot of background harmonies and Jamie Monistat’s innovative words and pun-soaked song titles are still there to enjoy. Blanche Davidian cite bands like Backyard Babies, Turbonegro and Hellacopters as positive influences. Standout tunes on Orange Sunshine  include “Let’s Get Wasted”  “Chlamydia Schiffer”, “Rod Swallows”, and “The Five Muscatels”. Hey if  Jeff Dahl is playing their CD Release Party- You Know They RAWK!!

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