"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> VIVA PBS and PATTI SMITH
By: Timm Carney
It is time to applaud PBS and maybe send them a dime or whatever you can spare. As I type this POV a production of PBS is broadcasting the documentary about Patti Smith "Dream of Life". I sit middle aged and comfortable remembering now how much I admire Patti Smith and how I wanted/want to be Patti Smith. She embodies the spirit of the artist, the thinker, the rebel living outside of society.
The film starts with her remembering those who left her Fred Sonic Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, her brother Todd, collaborator and keyboard player Richard Sohl. A memento mori her memories move onto to her current life. She packed up and moved back to New York, a place where her dreams were once able to flourish and where they were now able to once again. Over ten years in the making she and filmmaker Steven Sebring collaborated on the film of her life and art. She rambles though her home, back stage dressing rooms and Paris cemeteries remembering those who passed through her life and influenced her art. Burroughs, Carroll, Ginsberg heroes who have passed and Sam Sheppard and Dylan who are still here inspiring.
She visits her family introducing her parents, revisiting her childhood home. Looking back but looking forward the film captures her spirit and energy. One watches this film and draws from her life force. She can still inspire, rant and rock.
I commend PBS for showing this film. She who was once outside of society was now being lauded by society.
Look for this film on your local PBS station. This could bring you to PBS a network that could bring you to other places.
Viva PBS, Viva Patti Smith.