The Vigilantes  "Broken Bottles & Broken Hearts"
Brandworm Records

by Ginger Coyote


High energy Punk Rawk from Sweden... A must for any collector. This gem is a goldmine filled with  great fucking songs and tight musicianship. Gus and Joe do a great job  on vocal duties . They have  captured the snotty "Punk Rock" vocals down pact in the vein of Tim Armstrong,  Ben Weasel , Billie Joe Armstrong and the late Joe Strummer.. The music is fun and will liven up any fucking event.. CRANK IT UP LOUD!!!!  I hear influences from Operation Ivy, Ramones, Screeching Weasel,  Clash and Blanks 77..  Standout tracks are "Punk Rock Hall Of Fame,"  "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,"  "Byrds"  and "The Yellow House By The Bus Station .."

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