Interview with The Vigilantes
by Ginger Coyote

Punk Globe had a chance to speak with Jones Rosenberg about his band The Vigilantes..  If you have not heard them yet check them out. They RAWK!

 Punk Globe:  What part of Sweden are the Vigilantes from?

Jones: We come from an island called Hammaro, It is our own little private Jamaica. I don't know if you will be able to find it on any World maps. It is between Oslo,Gothenburg and Stockholm. It is famous because we have our own Elvis wannabe Christer Sjogren lives here.

Punk Globe: In what year did you form The Vigilantes?

Jones: We formed the group back in 1999, but it was all party back then. We just borrowed equipment and played for fun in a friend's garage. It is  still like that; the only difference is we have this company sending us free guitars. Then I left for Germany and we did some changes in the line-up. We recorded our first demo in 2001, I guess that's the starting point for the band.

Punk Globe: Tell us who else is in the band.

Jones: We have:  Edock- who plays Drums and Backing Vocals, Jones- Bass, Backing Vocals, Gus-Guitar and Lead Vocals, Ekis- Guitar,Lead Vocals.  When we record we all play pianos,organs and additional percussion etc.

Punk Globe:  I know you have toured Europe. Tell us about which countries you have played?

Jones: We have played in countries like Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Germany of course. There aren't a Tankestelle along the Autobahn we haven't visited I guess. We are also heading to Poland and Eastern Europe in the near future and we are really looking forward to that. I really wanna tour Japan. That would be so cool.

Punk Globe:  Japan is really cool. You would love it there. I know that once when WTD played with Turbo Negro they told me that Norway funded them to tour. Is Sweden that supportive?

Jones: I wouldn't say Sweden is supportive when it comes to Punk Rock. it is still hard for many bands to get gigs and get radio airplay and stuff like that. It is NOT top of the pops over here;even though we have some bands that have made it, for example Millencolin and The Hives. But one thing that is cool with Sweden is that they let you try all these instruments in School. Anyone can actually borrow stuff to start his or her band. I guess this is kind of unique.

Punk Globe: That is way cool Jones. Tell me who are your influences?

Jones:  We all have our personal influences, but we have some in common, like Stiff Little Fingers, Rancid, The Clash and Neil Young. We try to look beyond is popular today: there are far too many copies out there and not enough originals. I hope we are influenced by timeless legends like Elvis, Chuck Berry and The Beatles tan say The Strokes or Green Day. We want to take rock n roll back to the roots full circle.

Punk Globe: That sounds like some advice that famed Talent Agent, Lois Dolan, would give. Are there any particular favorite shows you have played?

Jones: On the first tour we did we played this alp village in Austria called Eisenerz the venue was a squat house in the outskirts of the village, we had some serious trouble getting there, and we totally had no idea of what the night had in store for us. Before we went on stage the place was just packed with people of all ages and subcultures: Punks, Skins, Goths, Emo Kids etc. We had people dancing both on and off the stage: it was like 300 singers and only three microphones. in the anarchy on the stage we still managed to keep it tight and after the gig we couldn't even make it backstage. I never felt more like a Beatle.

Punk Globe:  You Rawked Jones! I am proud of you!  Do you have any favorite bands that you like to play or tour with?

Jones: On our last tour we played with Block Bastards from Sweden. We had the best times together on the road with them guys and I hope we can do more tours in the future. We are still best of friends...

Punk Globe: You read it here folks keep an eye out for Block Bastards. . Tell us about Vigilantes Recordings we can get.

Jones: The "Empty Bottles & Broken Hearts" CD  is still available. We recorded this release for Bandworm Records in 2003. Overseas the best way to get it today is through Street Anthem or something like that, or drop me a line through our homepage. 


We have also done some compilations lately like "Punk Rock Repo" and "Worldwide Streetpunk."  We also have a song for the Ramones tribute "Todos Somas Ramones" of course. We have a 7-inch release planned for the future.


Punk Globe: I really enjoyed your recording of "Somebody Like Me" on "Todos  Somas  Ramones."


Jones:  Thanx! We had a great time recording it and yeah we are all happy to be officially accepted in the Ramones family. It is an honor to be on the same compilation as all these legends. After all, the members in The Vigilantes are as old as many of these bands and artists  careers are.


Punk Globe:  My band was also very honored to be included on this highly acclaimed CD. Do The Vigilantes have any plans to come to America?


Jones: We were actually all set for a tour of the US this summer but some things came up and we weren't able to go. We were booked for 18 gigs all over the states. Now, I am stuck here in Sweden for the summer doing 9 to 5. We still have plans for a tour in the United States and I hope we can come over in the near future..


Punk Globe: Jones, Thank you for a great interview. It was a pleasure to get to interview you.

Any last comments for the readers?




Punk Globe would like to thank Jones Rosenberg for a fun exciting interview. I suggest checking out the Vigilantes if they are playing anywhere near you, order their CD and check out their website






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