May 2017


Veislakt Release
Video With A Message For Track
De Små
Video Review By: Lisa Lunney

The new US president has made waves across the globe. Most of the waves? Tsunami’s. The world isn’t happy and people are flocking to every medium possible to express their feelings. Artists are showcasing their feelings through visuals, writers with words, and of course musicians with sounds and videos.

The Norwegian HardPunkRock-band Veislakt (a.k.a Roadkill) has made their views clear on the state of the US with their video release of "De Små" (the small ones) from their second album "Fumar Mata".

This is a gaming animated music video, where they are beheading Donald Trump, fighting a monster and showing a lot of love for Star Wars-references.

A great track with a powerful video. Check it out:

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