It Begins
39 Poor Farm Road
Pennington, NJ 085334
by Carl Macki

You Know How I Roll
Spheres Of Influence
Solidarity Forever
Welcome To My Nightmare
What You've Become

Tragic Hero
A Brother Above Any Other
It's Too Late
Burn Down The Thrift Store

We Won't Forget

Albert Kahn, who pretty much is a one-man band, is the being that goes by the name of Vayizaku, a Hebrew word that means'"to call out."

"It Begins" is his first CD, and it is pleasant and harmless pop punk. Albert admits that his music sounds a lot like Green Day and Blink -182 That is indisputable.There is little of the anger and catharsis that you find in hardcore music.
Yet he does have a political edge that goes beyond rmmantic angst, and I wonder about that, how appropriate it is to sound bouncy and upbeat when singing about powerlessness and how "justice has not been done."

Nevertheless, that is an observation, not a cut. Overall he sings and plays on the album quite well indeed, and includes a video of the first song, "You Know How I Roll," on the CD.

In the promo stuff he sent, Albert did not include a price. However, it is available at CDBaby for $4.99, and is also at Itunes
and Sonicbids.


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