Ginger Coyote One On One With
Former Drummer For THE DWARVES
Vadge contacted me recently to say hi and I immediately asked him for an interview... After all The he played drums for one of the most notorious punk bands in history The Dwarves... I knew it would be a fun and good interview... We have been pals forever and it was good to catch up with him.. I hope you all enjoy!!
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview Vadge. How long were you with The Dwarves?
Vadge: My pleasure, Ginger. We have been in each others company for quite a long time, now; off and on. I was in the Dwarves for approximately a dozen years. Joined in 1988 and left in 2000.
Punk Globe: Did you come out to San Francisco with Blag from Chicago?
Vadge: No, I had been in S.F. my entire life, grew up in the punk scene there seeing Dead Kennedy's, Sick Pleasure, Code of Honor, Fuck Ups, Urban Assault, Fifth Column, etc., etc..
Punk Globe: Blag and He Who Can't Be Named were the original band members am I right?
Vadge: They were, yes. They came from Chicago proper and were originally called Suburban Nightmare.
Punk Globe: As far as drummers where do you fall in line for being in the band?
Vadge: I was the third drummer after Sigh Moan who was subsequent to Slambo; although Sigh was a co-singer before he became the drummer. When Sigh became the drummer the band had taken a distinctly more punk turn, after being a neo-psychedelic band at first.
Punk Globe: Were you in the band through the Sub Pop years?
Vadge: I was. My first single with them was the Sub Pop singles club- Fuckhead. Then we recorded Blood, Guts and Pussy.
Punk Globe: Looking back at that infamous press release about He Who Can't Be Named. What is your thought about what happened?
Vadge: Good humor! The press believed it ie., Rolling Stone, Spin, MTV.. We sat back and laughed our fucking asses off. It was a great publicity stunt!
Punk Globe: Did the band actually break up because of that incident?
Vadge: Not over that incident, no. We had decided to do other things at that point. We still toured with Flipper shortly after that stunt. That was wild.
Punk Globe: When the band reemerged in the late 90's were you involved with the band yet?
Vadge: Oh yes; had played in the Blag Dahlia band the whole time of the "break up." We came back more determined and stronger then ever.
Punk Globe: During your time with The Dwarves did you have any side projects?
Vadge: I did. I worked with my good friend Wendy Van Dusen on a apocalyptic rock band called Neither/Neither World. She and I also wrote for a magazine called Primal Chaos.
Punk Globe: Tell the readers about some of your favorite show's you played with the Dwarves?
Vadge: There are a couple. There was the time we played in L.A. and they had waaaaaaay over packed the place, so people were falling over each other, slammed up against this tiny stage. Once we started playing, the audience kept pushing up against our guitar players, who - of course- started lashing out! The entire show descended into a band/audience brawl in which the latter part of the show consisted of me and Hewho playing together while the rest of the band pummeled the first few rows with their instruments. Fun!

The next one was Texas, of course, where only the most fun is had by all! In the middle of this show a young, large lass was tossed onstage, grabbed lewdly by band mates and then tossed back into the hungry pack of wolves. They proceeded to tear her dress off and finger bang her the remainder of the show. At the end, when we walked off the stage, some guy tried to steal my entire drumset from right off the stage. Luckily my roadie interfered! Poor guy, but I respected his hutzpah! At the end the crowd literally showered the entire stage in glasses and bottles. A Texas tribute!
Punk Globe: I remember a show that White Trash Debutantes played with The Dwarves at The Omni in Oakland.. I remember riding Blag like a pony on stage!
Vadge: I remember that show! You were brilliant! Giddy-up, Blaggy!
Punk Globe: Did you tour alot with The Dwarves?
Vadge: I did, quite a lot. America and Europe a couple of times over.
Punk Globe: What Dwarves recordings do you play
Vadge: I played on everything from Blood, Guts and Pussy to Come Clean. A lot of singles, ep's and comp.s along the way, too.
Punk Globe: Were you in the band when Nick Oliveri was playing in the band?
Vadge: Of course. Nick is an amazing bass player and we were a great rhythm section. We played together on the Blag Dahlia cd "Venus With Arms", the Dwarves cd's "Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking," and "Come Clean."
Punk Globe: When did you decide to leave the band?
Vadge: I decided to leave in late 1999, but completed a tour with them in 2000. I'm a stand up guy!
Punk Globe: Did you try and put together a new project or go on to play with another band in San Francisco?
Vadge: I did. I played with Phoenix Thunderstone, headed by the insane and brilliant Sean Heskett and did some recordings and also Japanese tours with Neither/Neither World.
Punk Globe: Tell us what you are currently doing now?
Vadge: I'm currently writing articles for my occult Voudoo organization La Societe Voudon Gnostique which can be found at and also writing books of perverse and violent prose. My first book Chthonic: Prose & Theory just sold out, and I am currently working on my next book.
Punk Globe: You are located in Texas right?
Vadge: I am indeed. I love Texas and always have. Dwarves have always had quite, shall we say?
Punk Globe: What style of music does the band play that you are currently working with?
Vadge: My current band, which I do with Wendy Van Dusen, is an off and on project. No set time to tour or record. We do it when the impulse moves us. It's called Chthonic Force and it's noise, ambient, experimental. Like a NoN or Whitehouse.
Punk Globe: Could you give the readers any website addresses so your fans can catch up with you?
Vadge: Yes. Go to That will provide you with a history, my present state, news, interviews, name it, it's there.
Punk Globe: What is in store for Vadge in 2010?
Vadge: More of the same; more books, writings, bad vibes, etc., I never stop!
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview... Any words of wisdom for the readers Vadge?
Vadge: Do what you wilt, and kill anybody that gets in your way.
Punk Globe would like to thank Vadge Moore for the great interview... Go to his website and support his work... He fucking Rawks as a Drummer and as a Pal!