Vacant Churches
As I Fall From Grace

Vinehell Records
(PO Box 36131
San Jose, CA)
by:Carl Macki

Song List
Searching for Grey
Used to Be Green
Double Edged Sword
Vacant Church

Melody - vocals, vox; Aaron - guitar, vocals; Heather - keyboards; Jon - drums; Mark - bass

South Bay San Jose band Vacant Churches does not fall far from the target in "As I Fall From Grace". 

Vacant Churches came marching into my apartment, threw out what ever I was listening to and gave me a lesson in some absolutely amazing old school hardcore influenced punk. With a really nice sample and a beat pumping intro, the band sets high expectations on what's to come.

"And I tell you, they didn't let me down not even for three seconds; the band blasts out six tracks with eerie melodies, catchy beats and totally furious energy. They create a special feeling all around you and when you finally realize that the record is over, you just want to play it again and again and again...

"The songs are so solid and lyric wise the band has come up with some really innovative songs. Melody's vocals are a perfect match with the music, it's powerful and passionate, and it keeps you nailed in place throughout every track.
"This is the bands debut record, and with this in mind I can only imagine what is about to emerge from the band members minds in the future. I can't come up with any more superlatives to describe this excellent band right now; you'll just have to go buy the record and listen for yourself."  (group blog from Sweden)



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