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By: Michael Rys
Every decade or so the USA adopts a band form Europe and claims them as their own.AC/DC is one them,although it should have been Rose Tattoo but since 70's era Aerosmith was too threatened by getting blown away on stage and out partied afterwards they were booted form the tour and have not been stateside since. Judas Priest and Motorhead are other prime examples of bands from across the pond that "get" America. They have not catered to US audiences they just fit in. V8 Wankers 7 albums into a career that has seen them play to millions at high profile festivals,great tours with Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, DRI and Girlschool just to name a few finally have a crack at the US with the release of the newest disc on SPV Worldwide "Ironcrossroads" produced by famed Tommy Newton.

What this band gets is, what we rock n roll fans love,muscles cars,cheap beer,cheaper women,and gallons of booze. Nothing lyrically deep,meaningful or poetic about V8 Wankers unless your poetry is the almighty power chord. V8 Wankers don't go and re-invent the wheel but they do drive faster than anyone else.David Green ( Drums),Blind Ferenc( lead axe), Mark Devil ( bass),Schmuddl (guitar) and Lutz Vegas ( vocals) play American rock n roll with a heavy Motorcity influence, as Germans, better than most bands growing up right here in the US.This record "Ironcrossroads" proves it and since its a worldwide release it wont be any trouble to pick it up and hear for yourself. If you dig bands like American Speedway, Social Distortion, Black Knots, Rose Tattoo and Turbonegro V8 Wankers is right up your boxers and swangin low.

Favorite tunes on the 14 song album are Dirty Old Man, Lone Wolf No Club, You Hate Me and I am Glad and Live By Rock N Roll,Die By Rock N Roll.

Enjoy...V8 Wankers America you can thank me later and buy me a Strohs for introducing you to them.

Find out more about the band here-http://www.v8wankers.de/
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