Night Of The Living Dudes
UV Rays
GaragePop Records
by Carl Macki

Got the distinct trance-like feeling that these guys worship or adore the Dwarves, and what do you know, the first thing I see when I go to their my space site, a poster for a Dwarves show!

Song List

Don't Need Nobody
Impending Doom
Flip Out
Going Nowhere
Really High
Rad Attitude
Too Much
Kick The Corpse
Alcohol (Gang Green song)
Puzzled Panthers
Party Night
The Waster
Except for "Alcohol," all original music by the UV Rays


Kevin  Wilcox on Lead Vocals,
"Party Pat" Welch: Lead  Guitar,
Mark  Rapone: Rhythm Guitar,
Paul Pieramico: Drums,
and Hasta Lasagna is on bass.

If I could run to Rochester, I would run to see this band. They are so damn good, they should be touring all over the world and then some.

"As the band says succinctly, "We are dudes that have total fun getting fucked up playing awesome punk rock-n-roll, come and see for yourself." Well put.

They are promising a full length album soon. "Night of the Living Dudes" ends too soon.

UV Rays "Rad Reputation" -- not bad -- is their  7."  
"Night of the Living Dudes" their CD.

They have a biting, brilliant sense of  humor.
On the myspace site, for band website:
for the link, it says, right here, dummy!

You can write or email to inquire about buying their music at:
HTB Press / Paul Pieramico  
40 Humboldt st.  
Rochester, NY 14609  


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