@ El Corozone, June 2006

by Miss Oblivious



I hung out with Corey about 2 weeks before this night and promised her “the Peters Family doll” when Duane got into town with U.S. Bombs!

U.S. Bombs first entered my life in 1996 on the crime free streets of San Jose, California! I had just returned from a party in Santa Cruz where Assfort (Japan) had played and BJ, Terri & I was stumbling down the street on a late afternoon, nursing our daily intake of alcohol. In otherwise keeping a steady buzz to last us all night! Anyway as we walked back to third street house we bumped into Cari & Wade! I just recall saying “you boys aren’t from around here”! They said “NO” with a giggle and some humorous smirks! “But our band is playing tonight so come check us out”!

We summoned all the rodents we could back at the Rat hole a.k.a our friends. Since this was a Sunday night we knew we would have to lead them with some sharp cheese (illegal and sometimes deadly substances).

I called people even to come check out these boys that were in town. (I am always good for getting a crowd)(I should be a car saleswoman)….hehehe..

My girlfriends and I hung out with the boys, Cari &Chuck (RIP) fought over my syringe ink pen! Chuck won it! It was probably the Thunders hair and that he was less than 5’6. I love short boys! Duane was a complete MESS! Wow was I smitten! But not in a sexual way but in a “FUCK YA” way!

The place had only about 25 of us, 20 I had brought, Chronic Joe got kicked out 2 or 3 times and I picked up Duane up off the ground, there was beer, sweat and udder chaos!

Duane was angry at the fucking world! He did not speak to anyone; he just went up played, fell and then left!  Anyone that was in Duane’s presence at this time knew that he was the true ‘One Man Army”!

All the guys hung out after except Duane he of course disappeared into the gutter or shadows….

To date I have seen U>S Bombs a dozen (even when I was 7 months prego) or so times, The Hunns even more and Duane started to recognize me after the second or third show and with his sobriety came alot more of a approachable man! I have interviewed him for skate videos (lost in masses?), traded punk shirts with him, and bring him offerings of nostalgia.( Our friend had bought us a Sid Vicious shirt in Germany and it had the craziest colors on it and I decided to give it to Duane and have seen him wearing it in different videos etc… Only Duane could wear that shirt and make it look good!).

When The Gunfight played Santa Cruz with Circle Jerks Duane and I had a great heart to heart just about life and our children. He had asked me what I thought of his movie?

I told him “ I am glad they made it while your still around to enjoy it’, and am glad they didn’t focus on all the Duane shit but on the great things he has done”! When I had found out him and Corey had hooked up I thought it has to be the centuries best fucken match!!! Two gorgeous creatures doing great things and now making more cute creatures! I guess when you grow up you get more of a thrill outta your mentors making a difference instead of slamming dope and being fucked up!

Which now brings me back to El Corozone, Christina was camping so I trekked this one solo! As I walked up I bumped into Cari we caught up, I then found Amber on the ground of the doorway looking like she’d had a good time. I walked in time for The Hollowpoints which are based outta Seattle and are a tight bunch o’ kids.

I entered the 21+ rooms and saw Duane sitting in a booth with a friend, so I walked over and he hugged me, I then presented him with his wrapped creation and some photos I had snapped in the past.

He seemed to LOVE them! We chatted a bit and I sat at the table and his friend introduced himself as Steve Turner (yeah MudHoney) and I met this lovely couple, I chatted here and there!

It was soon time for U.S. Bombs to blow up! They started surf sounds and then out of the dark appeared Duane and the place went crazy! Bezerk!

This had to be the BEST I have ever seen ‘em! A cute young lad has joined ‘em and Duane was celebrating his 45th birthday!

Encore Encore Encore!!!!

Cari & him did the acoustic SID song (I love that Song)

Duane got down on his knees while the young birds danced around him!

The energy was blasting!

The set was finished and I walked into the 21+over room, Cari, asked me to sit with them for an interview while I waited for Duane. (I needed to take photos of him with the doll and he asked to do it after the show), he got me a sprite instead sparks and chatted about him living in NY and I listened in on their interview!

Duane never showed up inside, so Cari took me outside and we waited out there along with The Briefs, and some boys!

Finally Duane appeared with Steve and went in the motor home to change, I went in and talked to ‘em til he was ready. You can tell without any words spoken that Duane is happy! I mean content I think his life is flowing in the right direction instead of through his veins.

Images were snapped and he hugged me and said, “I love you”! Which was just swell..haha!

I started walking to my car and then there they were again Duane & Steve they then escorted me to my car! Goodnight! Til next time!


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