"Amerikkka Macht Frei"
By: Pamela Torres
Photos By: Trip Fontaine


I stumbled across their music about 2 years ago when I purchased their 2004 LP called "Communism Is Fascism".
For anyone new to the group here is a brief history lesson. If I remember correctly I once described O as a bastardized cross between shock rock king Marilyn Manson and the potty mouthed Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. Mainly due to the fact that all of Undercover Slut wear Geisha Face paint and dress in Black Leatther. Under Cover Slut was founded by lead vocalist O in Paris France, admittedly an unusual place for any theatrical rock act to be born. Undercover Slut has toured and recorded since 1995 luckily I was able to get my hands on their demo " Sadistic Sampler" in 2002.. The track list includes the single "Humiliation" which ended up becoming Undercover Sluts first video. Rumors persist that O has addictions.. Contrary to rumors O is a vegetarian and is an animal rights activist and it is with that I strong recommend Amerikka Macht Fre their new release for all for the Headbangers and Thrashers all over the World..Aided by Drags thunderous bass strings and Divine's wrist cutting motorcycle guitar riffs, this 12 song LP is free speech battering ram of lipstick punk and heavy metal ready to thrust and ejaculate into the back door of America.
Kicking off this leather clad audio assailment is "The Shadow Song" this track addresses Jim Crow's racism as one of the United States building blocks and burns a cross on the unforgivable crimes perpetrated by the KKK.
"Anna Nicole Smith" is a slow and sticky masturbation session which O unzips his perspiring soul over the white trash memory of Playboy's most notorious Widow. "White Whore Conspiracy" is a balls to the walls speed ball anthem of self liberation oozing from O's poison pen. It is one of the few tracks that includes a small dose of acoustics. Both "Dear Dead Prez" and "What Kind Of Lamb Do You Think I am" are a pair of devastating A bombs tunes enveloped in a choking cloud of radiation and mustard gas. These songs address the absolute worst traits of our wealthy White House Politicians: The tabloid happy sex scandals, the fabricated flag waves of freedom conducted on Election Day. The expenditure of countless loss of human lives in wars and the obscene monetary greed.
One of the most surprising numbers birthed by Undercover Slut is "Black CNN" which pays homage to old school gangsta rap by juxtaptosong turn table scratches and graffiti ghetto beats. I do not think I have ever heard any metal group do something that fresh with street hip hop since the late Wendy O' Williams when she led the all female group Utrafly & The Hometown Girls. "Kastration Kar Krashes" is an industrial high speed chase of read hot metal guaranteed to leave the listeners sprawled out on the pavement lined in blow and crystal chalk.The lead guitar was graciously smashed and played by Eric Griffith of The Murder Dolls. "Dali Was A Junkie" is a salute to the controversial surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Offering free samples of LSD. Force feeding offal to law enforcement. Glee fully castrating flocks of horny slobbering pedophiles. How could a band like Undercover Slut not be fascinated by a Spanish draftsman who once attended a New York costume party with his wife dressed as Lindbergh baby and his kidnapper. "Creature Feature" is a Eurcharist feast of flesh and bullets gorged by O and his malformed fan base of addicts and outcasts. Last but not least Amerikkka Macht Fre seals the casket with a disturbing spoken word segment titled "Jesus Kills! Coroners Saves! While shedding tears over the passing of Tracey Michaelz ,the drummer for The Peppermint Creeps,O delivers a speech concerning how Women and Children from all over the World are victimized by prostitution, human trafficking, and child porn websites ( the latter of which alarmingly fuels a multi-million dollar global market.) Alongside O to present facts about animal cruelty and the effects of psychiatric drugs is Matthew Roberts, the biological son of counterculture folk singer and murderer Charles Manson.
As quoted by O himself " To Animals, All People Are Nazi's"

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