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"TV Buddhas EP"
Review by Mary Leary
These Israeli kids may end up giving Iggy a run for his greenbacks. Saw 'em in San Diego last night and came away with a big grin on my face. Despite a typically too-cool-for-school parcel of San Diego barflies--who only swiveled around for TVB's initial eruptions-the band carried on just like New Wavers playing to empty or apathetic venues, b.i.t.d. Yup, they tore it up the same as if they were fighting for breathing space with an overflow mosphit. Instead of going with "Garage," "Psychedelic," "Psych-Garage," or any of the other vague descriptions floating the Indie sound-sphere, TVBs throw down the gauntlet; coming right out and saying, "punk." I mean Punk like Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Stooges and The Hives. Percussion powerhouse Mickey Trieste grabs the mic. for "Fun Girls," which nails the deadpan minimalism of Mo Tucker's solo work. More Mickey songs, please. Another fave is "Defies Definition," which scorches with sexy guitar twinings (did I mention these guys are going all seminal Cramps-ish by using two guitars/no bass?). I'm hereby launching a flare to red-blooded rawkers: See 'em before they get so big, you have to buy advance tickets. Check their trajectory here: www.myspace.com/tvbuddhas