By:  Gökhan Tunçişler from İstanbul / Turkey
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It was September 1980…..With the decision of the military at one night,may people were arrested starting with the members of the government. Military was going to be the government starting from that night. The chaos in the country could be recognized in all areas of life both socially and economically.To this date people are not sure if this was good or not but in a country with military service as still an obligatory today it seems that most people are still comfortable with this happening.. Military was good as a force of defending the country but they were not good enough to manage the country instead of the government who were chosen by the people. To go outside at night was forbidden and nearly everybody was questioned about their lives,including musicians,artists of all type and the moviemakers. 16.000 people made to be out of border,lawsuits were prepared for more than 300.000 people and 200.000 of them were sentenced.At the end of the military regime there was a new goverment elected with the heavy control of military.This new government did not allow the artists and the educated people of the country to talk about the realities.These people had to be the victims of terrible political games in those days. They needed people who do not talk,who do not think,who do not ask about anything .This was strongly limited freedom for everybody in every way.The life in Turkey got back more than 20 years with these..The mivie industry was only making very low-quality erotic films and the music industry was full of music called “Arabesque” with full of stupid lyrics that did not lead anybody to think about anything really.Pirate records sector was growing fastly and no vinyls could enter the country.The bands of the 70s were forgotten easily,they could not make people listen to them anymore and some of them was trying to change their styles unsuccesfully.Although our represantatives were always in the last 5 in Eurvision,it was the most exciting musical event for everyone strangely. A huge amount of immigration started from the South-east parts of the country to the bigger cities especially in the north-west.These immigrants started to take role in the music industry one way or antoher putting their strength in full.Laws were not prıotecting the artists so at the end the the art in the whole country faced the biggest fall.Istanbul was like the Hollywood of America.It’s beacuse that the population İstanbul is more than 18 million peopleHard rock and heavy metals bands started as some underground acts towards the end of this decade.There were very few places to give concerts.Media also did not pay attention to this.The world was listening the music or living with the Technologies of the 80s at those dates,but in Turkey it was stil like the early 70s.Only the second hand shops helped some few people to learn what was going on around the world including music sector by selling some not very new magazines. Today İstanbul has more then 250 music studios,this number was less than 20 in the 80s.Until the 90s some undeground hard rock bands and heavy metal bands were the minor acts as rock music in the country.

It was the 90s which would introduce Punk Rock to Turkey and real music was going to take back what was stolen from it!!......To be continued............."

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