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By: Michael Rys
As it would have it, it seems I may be the "rock" guy writing up things here at Punk Globe. Doesn't bother me, I think its all relative and when somethings good it usually has a punk spirit with it anyhow,. Thrash, is definitely a bastard once removed cousin of punk so it stays on the punk rock family tree like it or not.many of the best thrash bands were influenced heavily by punk, and some of our finest snot nosed punkers have those early Metallica records,Anthrax tapes, and maybe some Death Angel too...

So on to my reason for the little disclaimer there.Tuck From Hell,Thrashing... This record and this band is one of these out of the clear blue sky things. Till listening to Thrashing ( to be released in the states Jan 25th on Metalville Records) I had never heard of these young Swedish lads. I'm extremely glad I know of them now! These five boys have put together a thrash metal masterpiece reminiscent of the 80's bay area . How is it that Swedes that were not even born till 1988 even comprehend this style let alone master it? And I mean master it too! The guitars are sledgehammer,drums like a machine gun, and how does that kid singing even sound that bad ass when he probably cant even shave yet? Tuck from Hell,the only band that comes to mind doing this style hard ass metal with out sounding like a copy cat band is Mobile Deathcamp.

10 Songs on Thrashing, not one of them a dud.All finely polished, kick you in the teeth powerful! The guitar geeks will be thrilled with the shredding ,which is phenomenal without be overly long and self indulgent.What really grabs me is the chunky rhythms. I'm an old guy so I don't headbang alot but this record is worth a night with icy hot on my neck for. If you dig old school thrash metal your going to love this CD. Tuck From Hell, the band with the funny name just may take the metal world by storm. "Thrashing" is just that great of a record.

My favorite song on the CD are Death Before Disco, I Hellbilly,and Tequila Race. See ya all in the pit with all those Tuckers

Tuck From Hell Photo from the bands Facebook page

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