Tsunami Bomb Takes The Reins at the El Rey Theater
by Amy Talaska


Thursday March 24th hours before the theater even started to let anyone in people of all ages lined up to get the chance to be up front to see a group of amazing punk bands. This was my first experience at the El Rey and I have to admit I was very impressed. There wasn’t anywhere in the whole place where you would have a bad view of the stage. There were chairs lined up along the wall for those who wanted to sit and a huge pit area. It reminded me of the Glass House, but with alcohol.

Each opening band held their own in this amazing show. A lot of times at concerts the opening bands stand out as the opening band because of their lack of stage presence and quality of music. Ariel Mile, I Am Ghost, and Over It all could have easily been mistaken for headlining bands their performances were so solid. But the band out of the openers that stood out the most was I Am Ghost.

I Am Ghost performed a flawless set that got the whole crowd on their fit and excited. It’s refreshing to see a new take on a standard musical genre. It’s not every day you see a punk band with a violin player. And what’s even more amazing about this band is that this was their first show ever! They took the stage at the El Rey for their very first show and were able to put on just as good of a show, actually I’d say better, than the other opening bands! If this is the starting point for I Am Ghost they are going to be huge a few months from now. To check out some of their music go to www.myspace.com/IAMGHOST.

Then the moment the crowd had been waiting for finally arrived. Tsunami Bomb took the stage and the pit flooded with excited fans. I’m not even sure where half of those people came from because they weren’t there five minutes before Tsunami Bomb went on. The crowd was moshing, crowd surfing, and singing along to all of the songs. Unlike a lot of bands that have started to reach popularity they didn’t just stick to playing songs off of their new album. They played an equal amount of songs from “The Invasion Within”, “The Ultimate Escape”, and “The Definitive Act.”  The lead singer, Agent M, her vocals sounded angelic enough for you to want her to sing you lullaby’s at night but at the same time she can scream better and more intense than a lot of hardcore bands out there. Tsunami Bombs lyrics are also a part of what makes them reach out to so many people. I think a lot of the older crowd can relate to Take The Reins in the lyrics “...Locked in, can't get out, Your cube is your new home 4 walls, no windows, no doors. Handcuffed to life again…” and everyone can relate to the lyrics of Top 40 Hit

“Don't let them tell you what to like, Don't let them tell you what to buy
You see (you hear) what they decide; Your radio (has got to die)!!..”

One of the most amazing things over all about this show was the variety of generations all bonding over the same music. There was even a father with his son who couldn’t have been more than about 5 years old on his shoulders dancing to every song as well. Tsunami Bomb especially put on one of the best shows I have ever seen! Their energy electrified the stage and reached out to touch every single person in that audience. There wasn’t one person who left the el rey that day without a huge smile and a feeling of total electricity flowing through their whole body. It was a show that I know I will remember from year to come from now. If you have never seen a Tsunami Bomb show you have no idea what you are missing. To check out when they will be back in town again go to www.tsunamibomb.com or www.myspace.com/tsunamibomb.


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