As Seen On TV
By: Pamela Torres

Trash, Beer Boobs and Booty.

Here's a little something for all you pervs and slackers out there! Are you ready for a slice of beer-swilling, porno-peeping, barf-spewing, jean-jacking redneck trailer park rock? Well, look no further, for that's exactly the kind of music you can expect from Trash, a hilariously crude and in-your-face band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The group's 2007 release, "Beer, Boobs & Booty" is an animal house gross-out package of heavy metal, hardcore sex and drunken debauchery. With titles like "Big Booty Judy," "Pink Taco," "Psycho Cindy Brady," and "Eatin Out," this album is an audio frat boy party that could make Poison and Motley Crue seem PG-rated. Of course, I cannot forget to mention that "Beer, Boobs" includes a studio version of the infamous "Lollipop," a fellatio anthem that Trash got to play on the premiere episode of Comedy Central's Gong Show (a T.V. program which also acted as an outlet for other freaky performers like Enigma, Cookie Mongoloid, and the Fuxedos). Believe me when I say that this CD is worth every penny. So whether you are smoking crack in your nearest rave club, falling asleep on the couch from eating too much junk food, or staring at a few girl-on-girl videos on Redtube, Trash's "Beer, Boobs & Booty" is an album that never gets old for the sleazy and rebellious crowds. LICK MY LOLLIPOP BABY! SUCK MY SUGAR CONE, HONEY. LICK MY LOLLIPOP BABY! IT COMES IN ALL FLAVORS SO SAVE SOME FOR LATER...;)
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