January 2018


Towers of London
Interview By: Louise Swift

Formed in 2004 Glam Punk Band Towers of London quickly became famous for being infamous. Brawls, escapes from jail (Celerity Big Brother – same thing?), bans from major festivals, negative press, band members leaving, a second album which fizzled etc etc

Despite the negatives there have been positives too with five tracks from their thirteen-track debut album ‘Blood Sweat & Towers’ making it into the top 50 in the UK singles chart.

After a ‘Back to Basics’ tour in 2009 the band seemed to go into hibernation. Now in 2017 they are back with a new line-up and a new single Shot in The Dark released on the 17th November and a video for the new single released on 22nd November via Brightvibes https://www.facebook.com/brightvibes/

With gigs scheduled in London and Manchester this month Punk Globe asked the band a few questions: -

PUNK GLOBE: Towers of London (ToL) achieved a lot of notoriety from 2004 to 2009 then went on hiatus for around six years. What were you doing in the intervening years?

ToL: We've all done different things, from working on building sites in England, to chef'ing in the alps, to writing and producing TV shows for various channels in U.K. And USA. But always have been working on our skills as songwriters and working to better ourselves musically all the time.

PUNK GLOBE: Who is the creative force behind ToL?

ToL: Frankie, Tommy and Donny write the songs but we're a band of five people and everybody brings something unique to their own part.

PUNK GLOBE: Where do you get your inspiration from?

ToL: We draw our inspiration from our failures and the lessons we've learned along the way. The desire to better ourselves as a band and as people. To write with heart and with honesty. All of these things are what drive us now creatively.

PUNK GLOBE: Who are your biggest influences?

ToL: Donny - For me it's not a case of who, but what?...my biggest influence is the universe, the universal life force energy, the fact that we are all connected to one another and we are all one whether we can see it and feel it or not. The realisation that if we can learn to control our mind and our energy then anything is possible in this world. And what an exciting thing that is :)

PUNK GLOBE: In 2015 there was movement in the ToL camp again with a few gigs and the single ‘Shake It’ which has an interesting video. Did you take acting lessons or was the video the equivalent of Reality TV?

ToL: Lol, will leave that one for you to decide!

PUNK GLOBE: Speaking of Reality TV and Donny’s infamous escape over the wall in Celebrity Big Brother are we likely to see any ToL members in any shows in the near future? Dancing, skating, first dates – anything?

ToL: Hahah, it's doubtful.

PUNK GLOBE: ToL of old supported Guns N’ Roses and appeared on the mainstage at Reading and Leeds Festivals and also appeared at Download Festival. Can anything top those?

ToL: Those were great experiences but maybe being slightly soberer to properly recollect them would be a one up!

PUNK GLOBE: Were you really banned from ever playing Download again? What’s your side of the story.

ToL: Well, put it this way we've never played download since the rumors of us being banned so I guess you could say they were true.

PUNK GLOBE: There are plenty of smaller festivals, mud free and with proper toilets, where you get chance to play up close and personal to the fans. Hopefully we will see you at some next year. Are there any in the pipeline?

ToL: Yeah we'll be looking to play at loads of festivals next year. They're a good chance to play to people who normally wouldn't come to one of your shows, so are a good opportunity to convert some people...hopefully!

PUNK GLOBE: Dirk’s dropped the Tourette and gone back to Frankie Brannan. Why?

ToL: Just felt like I wanted a change to be called by my real name.

PUNK GLOBE:Any plans for Donny to lose the Tourette or Tommy to drop the De’Ath?

ToL: I prefer to be known as Donny T these days, but the Tourette part is a hard one to escape so I'll pro bably just keep rolling with it. Tommy’s real surname is actually De'Ath believe it or not...so he's all good with that!

PUNK GLOBE: Donny - You got a lot of bad press back then, I bumped into you at a couple of gigs and found you to be perfectly pleasant and polite, so I have pointed out to people who don’t like ToL, but have never seen the band anyway, that I can only judge someone as I find them. The bad press seemed to be for publicity. What is your side of the story?

ToL: Yeah I've had my fair share of bad press, but I guess that's to be expected when you do absolutely everything with a bottle of vodka and a case of red bull inside you! Alas that's no longer how it is so maybe we'll see a change in attitudes press wise. Or maybe not. Time will tell.

PUNK GLOBE: Donny - What made you become a Reiki Practitioner?

ToL: My mum was ill with cancer and all the traditional medical routes weren't helping her so I explored other avenues, one being reiki.

PUNK GLOBE: Donny - How has this influenced you?

ToL: It's made me feel there's more to this world than just the physical. It's quite a life changing thing to be honest.

ToL: PUNK GLOBE: Donny - Do you practice Reiki on the audience before a gig, you know calm them down?

ToL: Hahaha I haven't had the opportunity yet, but who knows...it could become a thing if things start getting out of control at shows!

PUNK GLOBE: How has the vision you had for ToL back in 2004 changed in 2017?

ToL: Our songs are more anthemic now than they were. We want people to be singing with us instead of just going crazy. Although a bit of both is still nice.

PUNK GLOBE: Please tell us a bit about the new material and what we can expect from the shows?

ToL: They're bigger songs, more sing along, more meaning behind them. I think they could go down well in pubs or stadiums alike. Hopefully it will be the latter, but hey, we all like a good pub so it's win win. What will be will be.

PUNK GLOBE:Any final message for the Punk Globe readers?

ToL: If you're somebody who's always hated the band then it'd be great if you gave our new single a liste n before writing us off completely. You never know, you might like it.

PUNK GLOBE: Thank you for your time – I look forward to seeing ToL in Manchester.

ToL: Thanks for the questions, appreciate you putting some thought into it. Look forward to seeing you in Manchester too.

Band Members:

Donny T, Frankie Brannan, Rocco, Stevie Sunset, Tommy De’Ath


Facebook / Twitter


The Crowndale, Camden, London – Thursday 7th December 2017 see here

Night People, Manchester – Saturday 9th December 2017 see here

Videos: -

New video – Shot In

Shake It

Highest Charting Single - How Rude She Was

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