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Todd Rundgren
(Remastered Reissues from Esoteric Records)
by Gus Bernadicou
In the eyes of the faithful, Todd Rundgren can do no wrong. With his recent attempts in recreating the genre of dance music and the reissuance of his entire back-catalog in 2011; 2011 has separated the hardcore fans from the non-worshipers. Esoteric Recordings (a division of Cherry Red Records) has outdone themselves in the reissues of, the non-fan-favorite 90’s, albums No World Order & The Indivualist. While the material on the albums often is sub-par, the recent remastering of these two albums is beyond excellent. In fact, they have brought the albums to life. Giving Todd a shave, ice tea, and smoke break, the albums are a breath of fresh air; sounding better than when they were first released. The potential behind the concepts of the albums are pouring out of every inch of the speakers. Tracks are mastered in the highest bit and have a surround sound effect. It is overwhelming; do not close your eyes. Furthermore, there is bonus material galore. 10+ page booklets for each reissue, bonus discs filled with bonus material, and tons of rad pictures. Tunes like “The Ultimate Crime,” “Espresso,” and “Fascist Christ” are worth the price of admission alone. Available in the UK this beyond affordable set is worth it. 3.5/5 material, 5/5 remastering.
Worldwide Epiphany 1.0 - No World Order 1.0 / Worldwide Epiphany 1.1 / Day Job 1.0 / Property 1.0 / Fascist Christ 1.0 / Love Thing 1.0 / Time Stood Still 1.0 / Proactivity 1.0 / No World Order 1.1 / Worldwide Epiphany 1.2 / Time Stood Still 1.1 / Love Thing 1.1 / Time Stood Still 1.2 / Word Made Flesh 1.0 / Fever Broke 1.0 / Bonus Tracks - Day Job (Us Club Version) / No World Order (Yokohama Morning Version) / Day Job (Us Radio Version)
No World Order Lite - Worldwide Epiphany / Love Thing / Property / Day Job / Fascist Christ / No World Order / Time Stood Still / Proactivity / Word Made Flesh / Fever Broke Nwo (Version 1.01) / Fascist Christ (Fax Version) / Property (Video Version) / Day Job (Radio Version) / Fever Broke (Xaos Version) / Property (Lost Version) / Day Job (Club Version) / Fascist Christ (Broken Version) / Bonus Track - No World Order (Yokohama Night Version) The album was the first of Todd s TR-I series of albums and saw him play every instrument on the album. Featuring material such as the excellent Worldwide Epiphany , Fascist Christ , Day Job , Property and the album s title track, several versions of the album were released throughout the World.
Tables Will Turn / If Not Now, When? / Family Values / The Ultimate Crime / Espresso (All Jacked Up) / The Individualist / Cast The First Stone / Beloved Infidel / Temporary Sanity / Woman’s World The second of Todd’s TR-I projects, the album saw Todd play all instruments during the recording sessions, whilst the songs featured his usual acerbic observations, wit and song-writing flair.
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