June 2017


Tired Minds
CD Review By: James Carlson

Newcastle, Australia’s Tired Minds has written and executed an album of new songs, titled ‘LOOM,’ which captures some of the best elements of heavy music by creatively blending post-hardcore, emotional hardcore, and punk. The songs on ‘LOOM’ are not just well-written and exceptionally performed songs; they are songs of substance whose weight is carried remarkably well in the band's signature musical and vocal conveyance. And, as such, it proves itself a truly inspired work.

Tired Minds’ music oscillates between chaotic and serene, tight and loose, technical and moderately complex, while its vocals, which are torrents of throat-ripping screams, remain consistently visceral, urgent, emotive. At their best, the members of Tired Minds take a song and pull it taut, and then deliberately allow that rope to fray a bit, proceed to braid it tightly back together, leaving it soaked in the blood and sweat of their sonic endeavor.

It is difficult to choose standout tracks on ‘LOOM’ because the album in its entirety is a standout album. If pressed to do so, out of the ten songs on this album, I would have to go with the following: “Low,” “Worm of the Earth,” “Roots,” “Loom,” and “Good By You.”

Tired Minds’ sound is the kind that you come across on labels like Revelation, Deathwish Inc., Hydra Head, etc. As it stands, I think Tired Minds definitely found a perfect home label in independent Sydney outfit Art As Catharsis. Art As Catharsis happens to release some of Australia’s best heavy music, a category into which Tired Minds easily falls.

‘LOOM’ by Tired Minds is scheduled for a June 16, 2017 release by Art As Catharsis on vinyl and digital formats.


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