Interview By: Ginger Coyote
Tim V has to be one of the nicest people in Rock n' Roll. The last time we spoke he had just taken over singing chores with Sham 69. I thought it would be interesting to see how he was doing now... Tim again was very candid and very charming... Enjoy
Punk Globe: Thanks for the interview Tim. How is all going?
Tim: HAHAHA....well again that's a mixed question, sometimes I don't even know what day it is. It's no worry doing an interview with you as it's an honour and a good excuse to let off steam.
Punk Globe: Do you still get feedback about taking over for Jimmy Pursey as lead singer for Sham 69?
Tim: Hmmm..well being one of the hardest working bands (he says falling apart)'s hard to make a statement or feel that way as we are always doing places SHAM 69 have never been before. It's hard for the fans who have never seen the band before and so they feel it's some kind of right that they demand that he perform for them regardless of the facts, but now like many places they don't care and don't want that old line up. It's a tough call really but I think yea perhaps it's now died the death and people know the score..let's put it this way we get more praise and support than this time than 2 years back. I think most people are happy that we are not just going through the motions and that we are all characters in our own right. Both Dave and Ian have come out of themselves more be it Dave from being in the band from the start and Ian being in the band for 25 years. I think the most amusing thing is when after many years of feeling aware of reaction I suddenly realised that when people were coming up to me saying 'oh Jimmy I remember the old days and're amazing you don't look a day over 30'...its then I realise that the critics and snipers don't mean anything as they don't even know themselves. I value the 'real' fans that have seen the past and the present and still get a high on what we do and how we do it. I remember one fan from Australia telling me how he followed SHAM 69 all through the 70s until he moved to Oz and he said I was so happy that you was coming and then even more happy that you pulled it off with for me that was good. I feel Jimmy and SHAM 69 have moved on, Jimmy is always reinventing himself and that's Jim he will always do that. I think if there are people out there who love him so much they should because its him..not SHAM 69.
Punk Globe: Is the line-up pretty much the same since our last interview?
Tim: Well..blimey I can't remember when the last interview was to be honest..well the line up now....(as many will be thinking what another?!) we lost the old Bass player Rob who has taken his undoubted funky skills elsewhere and got in an old pro in the skill sense not the kind that hangs round the docks at night. Yea we have Al Campbell in now on Bass. Many will know Al from the UK SUBS which he was in for over 12 years....and he also played with Marky Ramone for a bit and Jayne County no less!!! Al is a massive breath of fresh air to SHAM 69 and he gives it that real Punk edge that I felt we was lacking with Rob.
Punk Globe: Sham 69 just returned from tour. Where did you play and how did it go?
Tim: we? I feel we never stop bloody we have been scouring the globe almost every month as the demand is so great and its fun. We try not to emulate our colleague's mistakes and over do a place, though in this climate you can't help it at times. We have been to Brazil which was fun and way overdue and the ultimate was our recent tour of China which was to say the least arduous. It was probably the biggest lesson in how to deal with things and deal with yourselves as well. We are still trying to perform and finish work on the album so getting to a point as we did in the beginning of this year we had to stop doing something and that was gigging. The album is our major priority right now and it currently stands at 1 year overdue, so its shit or bust for us right now.
Punk Globe: Your big news is a Movie? Tell the readers about that.
Tim: Well..yes MOVIE blimey who'd of thought it hey?? Well I know other bands are doing or done stuff and I think they should..all bands have an immense amount to tell about themselves and the history and people DO find it interesting. I think over the last few years there's only been a witness version of Punk or Sex Pistol films really...I don't include the recent Clash stuff as like many fans would say it was more of a principled view of Joe and his beliefs and strengths. No what our film is more on the road/history/personalities and to be honest it was more by accident than anything else. When we was gathering the storm of all the planning for China and paperwork and visas etc we had a chance meeting with a production company who was keen to captivate us as a band as by this time we was in full flow. We told them about China and they said that's it that's the off we went. We met them in China and they was a refreshing sight to see after the initial tremors of 'are they gonna let us in' etc. From there on we was filmed 24/7 and it was more my wish than the other that people see the real deal warts and all and I'm sure that people will understand when its screened. It was a true testament of what goes on, on the road and no matter how much you some bands that give this bullshit unity rock n roll crap its not...there are times when you wanna rip each others throats out. So that along with all the ventures across a country that's wrapped in mystery and misinformation it makes good viewing. I know the guys are near completion and it will be screened this year on the TV and Cinema...and I believe it's hitting the film festivals as well. The company have done films for BBC and Film 4 etc but they see it as a triumph over adversity and I see it as Spinal Tap with Dr it's all real and at times loving and hurtful film. I think people will be moved by it but also understand more about us and where we are coming from.
Punk Globe: Do you have any ideas when it will be released?
Tim: I believe it's the Summer but after all the PR and stuff I know it will go onto DVD.
Punk Globe: Are you planning any premieres?
Tim: Yes there is a Premiere in London's Westend no less as for the date I have no idea but I think sometime in August.
Punk Globe: So would you call the film a Documentary?
Tim: Well I don't know really a long one at least....
Punk Globe: Now your other big news is that you have a new Album coming out. Tell us all about it?
Tim: Yes bleedin ell..the album...well this is a classic SHAM moment really we have been working on this for ages as we didn't want it to go out half cocked! The thing is that this is the first full original by this line up so we are trying to make it a real album. The thing is that we wanted it to reflect us and not make it some kind of plastic attempt at being rebellious. The thing is that people expect albums to be full of anarchy and pictures of snarling mad max types preaching revolution at every second word. The reality is that many can pull that off and get away with it whilst existing in luxury, but for me I would rather people see the bare bones and listen to songs that they can relate to everyday...I think that's something that is lacking nowadays. The album is like a free baseball bat you can listen to whilst systematically going round smashing up everything you hate and wishing you had done or said when you had the chance. I didn't want it to be another SHAM 69 album that was cheaply jumping on bandwagons to captivate and audience it was unaware it lost years back. It's an album that talks about you and me and the guys down the street. Yes it will come out and yes people will slag it off..but that's reality that's life but they could never accuse it of being fake!
Punk Globe: What will it be called?
Tim: Hmm..well we've been bashing this around for some time in our ever ongoing me being the dreamer and nut I am we've decided to call it: IT AIN'T OVER TILL IT'S OVER!
Punk Globe: Since your last interview Sham 69 did a huge tour of the U.K. and Europe. What were some of your most memorable moments?
Tim: Well it's become something of an annual ritual to be honest and we always do one at the end of the year. It was good and the fans numbers are way up so it's getting through. Most memorable moments blimey...I think one of there are many...was when one guy came up to me in tears and said you guys were fucking great...but Jim have you had the old plastic know that botox stuff?
Punk Globe: Have you played any shows with The Duel lately?
Tim: No we will be later this year on the tour they are doing some dates with us and I believe they are doing a show with us in Barnsley in the Summer along with the Buzzcocks. Tara is an integral part of the is band and a rare item in this day..a very underrated singer in a highly underrated band..and it pisses me off. I think if there were more bands like the Duel things would be rocking!
Punk Globe: Are Sham 69 playing any of festivals this summer? Tell us some of the big ones you have booked?
Tim: Yea we always have a good run at the fests per summer but a few...hmmm. Well we are doing Party In Park in Somerset as well as Cockermouth Fest and a lot of fests in Europe.
Punk Globe: Are you doing Rebellion this year?
Tim: NO!! Next question!! if I had a quid for every time we are asked that..Id be Darren asked us 2 years back but nothing came of it..perhaps we are not on the nice great to do it and love to but I don't hold any hope..and to be honest I am not looking at the inbox everyday..if we get asked were think about it!
Punk Globe: Any Amy Winehouse or Jayne County sightings?
Tim: No...Ive seen a lot of people lately Tom Baker from DR WHO...Malcolm McLaren before he died..a few others..but Jayne love to see her again!!
Punk Globe: I have also heard ramblings of a tour of the US coming up? Any truth to that?
Tim: Well again we get a flood of requests to come and like with most things it's in the hands of others...just as soon as we get near to finalising, something hasn't been done. Like with most bands nowadays time is tight and we cannot afford for things to be half arsed...if we go there its for the right reasons and that the fans above all get a good deal. We get pissed off when you're playing an entire tour when younger fans can't get in or you get there and some promoter is we try to make sure all is 100% across the board. Yes the band wants to come over and yes the band really wants to play shows...but we must have a straight deal there.
Punk Globe: If so have you started booking it yet? Please remember White Trash Debutantes to play support for a SF or LA date.
Tim: Will do!!!!
Punk Globe: Is there any other big plans for the band that you may wanna tell us about?
Tim: Exist....well this year it's the new album and the who knows I have a bag of ideas as always but it has to be logical for us....the thing is I want this band to do things and to do them right..I don't want to just plod on doing shows and bringing out albums..I want to do things that are exciting and mean something to the fans......
Punk Globe: Please give the readers any website , My Space, Facebook addresses, Twitter
Punk Globe: It is always a pleasure to interview you Tim.. Thanks so much
Tim: And thank you....its always a pleasure and an honour!!!
Punk Globe would like to thank Tim for the fantastic interview and urge you all to check out Sham 69...