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By Lisa Booth

tiger army

So - Who are Tiger Army?

With their last album - "Music From Regions Beyond" by Hellcat Records, which was released in 2007 has been mentioned by many as "The band's most distinguished work yet"!

tiger army

I found the album a good mixture of music genre, and blends, fast, hard, raw, and even some rockabilly folk punk, its a mix of pure blending sounds for any ear, & the band are totally awesome,.

I was hooked by Tiger Army by listening to one song of theirs called "Atomic" which was off a compilation punk mix album, it then inspired me to look up their eps, The band, & history, which was fascinating, 

This is where i found their last album "Music From Regions Beyond" with the
Title tracks: 

1) Prelude: Signal Return
2) Hotprowl
3) Afterworld 4) Forever Fades Away
5) Ghosts of Memory
6) LunaTone
7) Pain
8) As the Cold Rain Falls
9) Hechizo de Amor
10) Spring Forward
11) Where the Moss Slowly Grows

Now, this major album gave the band some pure fan followers. When returning to the main stage at Warped Tour 2007 they burst the seams, which had created their popularity to expand their fan base worldwide, so in 2008, Tiger Army played a number of shows in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe 

The depths and struggles this band has gone through today, gives them a strong wave of perseverance and confidence that would have destroyed most bands in todays day and age, 

tiger army

With Members shot, Many band member changes, and the stresses the history evolves in itself, having todays current members as: Nick 13 - lead vocals, lead guitar, songwriter from 1996 - present)
Geoff Kresge - stand-up bass, backing vocals joined the band in 1999 - 2004, and re joined in 2008 - present
James Meza - drums, percussion joined in 2004 - present)

In early 1996, they played their first show with longtime friends AFI, borrowing their drummer Adam Carson for their set, at the legendary 924 Gilman in Berkeley,CA where bands such as Green Day, AFI and Rancid got their start, following on with regular local shows, creating a huge fan base & following, they then went on to the studio in the summer of 1996 to record a self-titled vinyl EP, now referred to as the Temptation EP. 

This caught the eye of Rancid's / Hellcat Records Tim Armstrong, who then contacted Nick 13 and asked him to record an album! 

Tiger Army then recorded their first full length self-titled Tiger Army, in January 1999. The bassist Joel Day left Tiger Army before the band was signed, so the Quakes bassist Rob Peltier was hired to play on the album. 

They then recorded a second album, Power of Moonlite in 2001. where London May left shortly after the recording, and was replaced with Fred Hell. 

On March 10,2003, Fred Hell was shot four times, once in the head, by armed robbers A bullet became lodged in his brain, putting his life in pause mode, having to go through intense therapy before he could ever play drums again. whilst the band were in the processes of recording Ghost Tigers Rise 

The record was repeatedly delayed to make time for Fred to recover enough to perform, but his injuries proved serious enough to regrettably not be able to carry on and in July 2004 he resigned his position from the band,. In regret in which this is what tempted the band to hire Mike Fasano, whom was a drum tech for both Rancid and Tiger Army, he was then invited to play on the album for its completion. 

which followed onto more bad news for the band where in September 2004, Geoff Kresge quit the band to focus his efforts on his new record label, Dead Body Records He then joined his wife Kamilla Vanilla with Horrorpops as a guitarist a month later. 

Nick 13 quickly announced a new line-up for Tiger Army, featuring drummer "Wasted" James Meza giving you todays band memebers Nick 13 Geoff Kresge, James Meza, 


tiger army


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