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By Lis Booth
Thulium are a Progressive Rock band who call themselves "Seriously Stupid" based from London UK With current members ~ Bou Bou, Chris, Vik, Bob from England, France, Canada & Hungary and couldn't be any more international influenced
flowing with their Music Influences currently coming from Audioslave Evanescence Foo Fighters, Metallica to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Seether, Breaking Benjamin and Green Day which seeps mildly into the sound waves of the tunes they write, with strong flowing sounds flowing neatly into Their New Single "69" which was released in June, and is hitting the music world with a storm,
The 3 track demo consisting of 3 tracks, running, craving, 90 days of sorrow, it has a great solid sound to the tracks with very strong vocals. great guitar solos. and music blasts which mixed together so well to create a great 3 track demo, 1 very Rock influenced and powerful, one mellow and mild and smooth, and one was a mix of mellow cross with power which made them all very strong, & i enjoyed them very much.
You can find them on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thulium69.
They re currently under the Music Label AKA Music in partnership with Universal music you can find their New Song "69" to buy at Amazon, Itunes, Play and many other places.