What looks like an ordinary house on a quiet street, everything seems normal , that is until you pull up to the front and sound split’s the summer night in half. Thresher is rehearsing! Four guys from Roanoke Virginia,nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, isn't called the Star City for nothing!! These guys are humble and don’t take themselves too seriously which makes a difference. They make music because they love it, and it shows. Request lines are blowing up all over the Roanoke Valley. Venues are packed to the hilt and to quote the boys “panties are droppin “. Each man has had their rounds paying their dues in local bands prior to the formation. I had the opportunity to sit with the guys and get to hear firsthand about the combined effort that brought the cohesive tight core that has blasted Thresher to the forefront of the local music scene in Southwest Virginia.
PUNK GLOBE: When did Thresher begin?
SCOTT ACRES AKA “LATE”: It began in a moldy wet basement with Dave and I. We surrounded the walls with old mattresses to muffle the sound.
DAVID WOHLFORD; Booze and Rock! We started rockin’ and soon our buddy Ritchie (who previously sang with Old School Roanoke band “Equity” joined the mix , screaming his lungs out above the music of Scott's Guitar and my drums.
SCOTT: After a show or two as a three piece band, we convinced Brantley Acree from local band “This Brave New World” to get his bass in the mix…and he was stoked!!
PUNK GLOBE: How did this evolve into today’s Thresher Band?
SCOTT: We played a gig at a tiny Irish pub in downtown Roanoke…and at the last minute a band was added to the bill called Black Curtain Renegades. Sean Matuk was the lead guitar player for this band.
SEAN MATUK: Yeah man! That was my first time seeing Thresher and even as a trio they fuckin destroyed!!! I was so lucky to have played that show with Thresher because I ended up here with them!!!
BRANTLEY ACREE: That was the night I was truly recruited into the Thresher Army, he chuckles
SEAN: Over the next months BCR got on some bills with Thresher. Every show we played with them was so exciting for me because of their explosive energy, speed and precision. I thought “these dudes are tight!
DAVID: Sean was funny dude. He would come to our shows and stand in the midst of the chaos and just watch and be so stoked. He invited us to play his birthday party up in Floyd VA , but due to personal reasons Ritchie decided to leave the band! I called Sean while taking a giant shit to tell him the bad news.
SEAN: Yeah ,the news was bad…but it meant Thresher had an opening in my favorite fuckin band, so with a calm voice I asked Dave what the fuck was gonna happen to them. He said they were gonna keep jamming but he wasn't quite sure. After some more conversation, we made plans to have me come and try out and it fuckin worked!!!
PUNK GLOBE: So, what kind of bands inspired you guys to get up and do it?
BRANTLEY: Pennywise for sure But there are sooo many bands, it’s hard to say but Reggae is the shit! Such good energy!
DAVID: Propogandi, NOFX, Mastodon, Valient Thorr, but, ironically enough Brantley and Scott's band got me stoked on trying to play the drums! The Misfits and the Ramones inspired me because the drum lines were easy to learn and bad assed!
SCOTT: SO many bands! Local music mostly, cos it really affected me. Bands like Swank, Equity, Safe Sects,and also the Pullouts,Affliction Kid, Jakal Tickets and The Black curtain Renegades rocked the fuck out!!!!
SEAN: I love Bad Brains for their courage , integrity and precision. Shit, music in general is an inspiration but early 80’s hardcore like The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag; Minutemen, DOA, Minor Threat and the Circle Jerks rock my every day! I’ve been on a Thrash Metal kick the last few years..DRI,Ghoul,Municiple Waste, Megadeth , Anthrax..OK next question I’m rambling ! Oh yeah definitely Slayer, Maiden, Metallica and Dwarves! ! !
PUNK GLOBE: What is your vision as a band?
SEAN: I wanna quit my job and live for Thresher! Can’t yet, but some fuckin day!! Our vision as a band is for us to transcend the boundaries of conventional punk/thrash music into something for everyone who wants to rock!
SCOTT: Fuck yeah, so kids can get their rock without egos or bullshit…but with balls! Solid!!
BRANTLEY: I want our music to represent and encourage a lifestyle. One that promotes living in the moment and making your own rules, not caving into society's bullshit and norms, cos that is self destructive!
DAVID: We wanna give something to the kids to “THRESH” to. We all work on an intuitive level musically, so it’s not hard to envision a real future making records and touring.
PUNK GLOBE: So, where did the name “Thresher” come from?
DAVID: Oh, that? That’s a!!
SEAN: THRESHER ? That is one who Threshes!!!!!!!
PUNK GLOBE: Do you guys have regular jobs?
DAVID: Oh yeah…we gotta work! I’m the manager, shirt and tie style at a Verizon wireless store. Gotta deal with that public. It’s not so bad cos it pays the bills and then I get to Thresh
BRANTLEY: I’ve been workin at the same skate shop for 10 years!
SCOTT: I am a lunch lady at a private kids school, heh’s true
SEAN: I am the manager of nut butters at an organic food distributor here in Floyd county! Blue Mountain Organics and get to listen to awesome music while I’m “bustin the nuts! ”
PUNK GLOBE: Do you guys have children?
DAVID: I don’t cos I pull out like a gentleman!!!!
SEAN: I cum inside like a Boss! I have a 5 month old son and he is AWESOME!!!
BRANTLEY: I have a 3 year old daughter Isabella whom I adore !!
SCOTT: I , like Sean forget to pull out and have a son age 6 and a 6 month old daughter.
PUNK GLOBE:How important are the lyrics to your band?
SEAN: I guess I am the lyrics guy. My lyrics reflect my distrust in the human race, while celebrating the opportunity to learn and evolve. They are not always serious, but even when they are, I leave room for interpretation . I want to inspire change and empower thoughts with similar views and give ’em hope to recreate their lives how they wanna have it!!
SCOTT, DAVID and BRANTLEY : chiming in “Yeah what he said”!!!
PUNK GLOBE: What are Thresher's live shows like?
SCOTT: We hit that shit hard and don’t stop till the set is through!
SEAN: Definitely intense! From both sides of the stage!
BRANTLEY: We give it all we got and love every second!!!!!
DAVID: I live to beat it up!
PUNK GLOBE: What kinds of bands do you play with?
SEAN: We’ve recently had the opportunity to open for some big acts like Born To Lose from Austin Texas, and the Dead Kings and Flat Tires from N.C. Those shows were rad!!!!!!
DAVID: We play with our friends local bands, most are high energy, but from diverse genres
SCOTT: Affliction Kids, Douche Nation, The Pullouts, Heevahava, (Sean used to play bass for them) and our other local favorites.
BRANTLEY: You mean like Jakal Tickets? Dude we’ll play with whoever from wherever! We just love to throw down!!!!
PUNK GLOBE: What is your message to the world?
SEAN: The time is NOW! Utilize your mind. Life’s too short to settle for mediocrity. There's nothing wrong with thinking for yourself, no matter what society or the government tells you!
DAVID: Carpe Diem bitches..Let’s Party
SCOTT: Double damn!!
PUNK GLOBE: If you could change the world through Thresher…how would you have it?
BENTLEY: No more non Threshin frat boys in polo shirts and definitely ..No Bitchin!!
DAVID: No more jobs with ties!!
SCOTT: HA HA to be four James Taylor's in a Neil Diamond cover band keeping the crotch panels moist !!
SEAN: Man, post Apocalyptic skate park pits and tits!!
Thresher resolves to stay strong and not allow the tightness of their musical vision to be blown apart by bullshit! They have fun and lift the energy and that’s what it is all about with these guys. They laugh at their self professed disorganization yet when these guys come together to Thresher they are a force to be reckoned with. They have created a fan base with their intensity and passion blowing everyone around out of the water! Not bad for a bunch of guys from Appalachia. They are really grateful to Ginger Coyote for her interest and the opportunity of this interview..Carpe Deum Bitches Get Your Thresh On!!!

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