Rustbelt Trio

by Carl Macki



Rustbelt Trio
by the Three Blue Teardrops

Song List

Lincoln '59
Alone at last
Headin' for disaster
American way
Little lovely
Lord send me an angel
Damage control
The dead know nothing
I still dream of you
I'm still standin' here
and a bonus, hidden track

Chicago, Illinois is not known for its great rockabilly nor is it considered part of the great industrial rust belt.

Yet there is an active scene happening around jump blues, Western swing, rockabilly, and 50s rock n roll, and Three Blue Teardrops seem to be a major part of it.

Guitarist Dave Sisson who is also in a band called the Gin Palace Jesters is from the heart of the rustbelt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Randy Sabo the drummer is from Detroit, so that leaves Rick Uppling who hails from Chi-town and plays the upright base to provide the anchors down in the Windy City. And the color of the "tear drops" is perhaps a nod to Chicago as a home of the blues.

Whatever their origins and motivations, these three truly sing and rock out in this beautiful package of original songs.

If you want to classify them, I would put them smack between neo-traditionalist and psychobilly, but who cares? Enjoy the picking, and twangin', strummin', gnashing and warblin' as you listen.

Three Blue Teardrops
2331 Grove Ave. Berwyn, IL United States
Phone: 708-203-6208


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