By Miss Oblivious
Good daze to you all,

 here is my monthly update of mishaps and on going messes..what a great 2006!

 Dame Darcy came to great northwest in the begining of Autumn and I was able to catch 2 shows and a book signing! very angelic!  to read her journals


I was also interveiwed for an Austrian Zine archiver which I am very pleased with...

i think it's at

LA was great to me and I finally got a chance to spend quality time with some friends (new & old), thanks to KUBO(high school pal) n Eric for being hospitable on my first night in the city of Angels and showing me the "Cretins" clubhouse and some fine spirit facilities(Bars).

lakubocar22.jpgKubo n her Imperial

 Elisa was my next Host and I wanna say it was sweet to hang out and get reaquainted since it's been awhile(she and I were roomies for 2 years but that was over 10 years ago)we normally only spend time in big groups.


I did the typical Hollywood bus tour, had fine japanese cuisine and chit chat with Ginger Coyote, a good time at Tiny's on Hollywood Blvd, and a girls night in with Elisa(nails,hair n ice cream).


I awoke in the a.m and my back popped and damn I was in pain for the remainder if my stay. I was able to spend time with DW (, and her daughter Sarah. She is a photographer from the LA 77 scene and photographed London 77 as well. We went to, a great Diner , Max Factor Film Mueseum, Photo opts at The Masque entrance (which Terry Grahm will be using in his upcoming book"My life as a punk"),The Caderbury gates, Blag Dahlia ol' home and a great practice with Franklin Ex.

sarahdw.jpgsarah & DW in front of "GUnClub location"church

It was soon time to get to my first show at in Silverlake. In which I'd like to thank Kubo,Christian,Julia Tiffany and all the others whom were waiting for me! We then had to run over to my other show in downtown LA at! Amazing is what I have to say! This place was very impressive as were all the artist in this show, I felt honored to be a part of this magic( thanks to  for including me)!

 We then ran over to  show at The Lava Lounge in downtown Hollywood! They were spectacular along with Tweak bird. I met some nice limey boys that made swell mixes.


I was able to wobble to the Hollywood Farmers market in the morning but that Calif sun+backache=nap.. oh yeah my big star encounter was with Jake Julinhaul(sp?), he was buying hummus along with us!

 so I flew back to the northwest to prepare for Libby( and her extravaganza that we'd be selling at! Great FUn Libby is one of my newest pals in the great NW!

libbysart.jpglibbys upholstery shop

then the following Sunday was which is always a great time and great buisness venture!

then I had to prepare for the next mornings 6 a.m. flight to California!

all went smoothly! I did two radio promos for the shanghaied giesha which were KFJC89.3 fm & KSCU103.3 fm, The SF Chronicle did a full page a day prior of the show and even had The Shanghaied Geisha on their online calander.


I had a blast with Ally,Chris, steve, dog,vinsantos,greggory at Trannyshack and the Clap with Cole!

 I was only able to do a night in SJ for about an hour and that was enough, it was to early!

P1010147.jpgari shine  P1010146.jpgfloating  P1010141.jpgcap'n

 Then Dec 22 was finally here and the schedule flowed and all went smooth! UNBELEIVABLE! there was about 200 attendees, great music by  Cap'n Oblivious,Ari Shine, Floating Corpses, Evolution Rainbow,Franklin Ex, plus Dogswan's serial premiere of Shackgirl go check it out!

P1010183.jpgdog n rikki   P1010233.jpgevolution

so I am now back in The Great Northwest were my soul feels at ease and had a great xmas and new years with my children and other half! I ended the 2006 year with a day trip to Northbend(Twin peaks) and Karoke at home!

January 13th in Canada
January 17 David Lynch at scarecrow Video
January 20th crafty exchange/wacky mama's meeting at my house!
January 31 ARKADE at Highdive
Feb4 iheartrummage
Feb11 Anti-Valentine art show with Miss Oblivious at The wayward!
p.s I wanna thank all of you that have commissioned me to make dolls and subscribed to my Zine!!and all whom purchase my work.

also I wanted to thank all my fellow artist whom I admire and they somehow like my messes too.. such as Annette Padilla(aboveleft) at,, mister Quintron, Ginger Coyote for allowing me to contribute my life to , dame darcy sweet notes , Bud, Chad, Steve n Josh for all their love and time spent on me,  Corey Parks n' Duane Peters, Hellin n Paul Roessler(read his newest book of poems), Vinsantos (for beleiving & encouraging my mess), Dawn Wirth, MonkeyHouse toys, ,DogSwan, Majenta (for carrying my dollies in her bitchin shop) , of course
Darby Jane , SailorHank and the Cap'n for loving me,inspiring me and letting me be me .....

so Seattle I hope to have all of you join me at my next show in Feb
Hosted By::
Miss Oblivious Payne
Sunday Feb 11, 2007
at 6:00 PM
Wayward Cafe'
901 NE 55th (U District)
Seattle, WA 98101 US


Miss Oblivious
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