By: Elvis Gus Rotten
Walter Lure’s role in punk rock nearly changed the world, yet he, like most other great musicians is only remembered when looking through the shadows of the “agreed leader” that was his ‘boss.’ Walter Lure will be remember for being in the Heartbreakers and playing on the Ramones album, but he is a true punk originator and a rock ‘n roll survivor, to say the least. Lure’s music is beyond infectious and powerful in every sense of the word. Walter Lure’s ability to hide the truths that plagues reality in his happy songs is stunning with his use of lyrics of the likes of, “Everything is nice when it’s covered in ice/but when you open your eyes it’s all one big lie.”

Rent Party was released in 1994 and was Walter Lure’s first, true solo album. He has come to release live album recently, which focus on the driving power of the Heartbreakers and the clean, tightness of the Waldos. Waldo’s licks are hotter than ever (but that is no surprise because he was always the main guitarist in the Heartbreakers). The album kicks off with “Cry Baby,” and then follows into “Love That Kills.” “Love That Kills” is a killer rock song that is too consistently amazing to have been on L.A.M.F. “Sorry” hints at the sarcasm that makes naivety the reason worth living, but no need to worry because this concept is perfectly balanced out with a flawless guitar solo. Fast-forward a few songs and next is “Never Get Away,” which a consistently steady drumbeat that would make even Jerry Nolan take note and the guitar work laid down by Joey Pinter is as flawless as Rick Derringer in the studio. “Seven Day Weekend” ends Side One with a smile. It is a cover of a Gary US Bonds’ song that the New York Dolls covered in their prime, but like everything Waldo does this song gets the finishing touch that has so much swag it sounds like it should be from 2015. “Crazy Little Baby” kicks off Side Two and shows Walter’s true vocal ability and his effortless grace that can only be compared to Perry Como hitting a high note. “Flight,” coming up next, is best remembered as being a song the Heartbreakers frequently played live. If you want your Johnny Thunder’s fix here you go. The background vocals provided Andy Shernoff of Dictators fame even have a flavor of Johnny’s voice. “ The next two songs are cover songs. “Busted” being a song Ray Charles wrote for Walter, and “Countdown Love” being a song Jerry Nolan wrote back in the day. The one true 90’s cut from album is “Crazy About Your Love,” and interesting enough could be the best song the Dictators never wrote love. Walter sings background vocals on this tune and the orchestration on this song is near suburb. While it is not an orchestra in the sense of Phil Spector, it grabs the listener and for those 3:47 minutes the songs takes up; one cannot help to breath after the guitar solos are finished. Side Two ends on a happy note as well, with the cover of the 1958 hit “Party Lights.” “Party Lights” hints at the carefree life we need to have and both Walter and Joey Pinter’s guitar work here is the closest one could ever get to having an ear-gasm. “Rent Party” may not be a new release, but it sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday with Walter sounding as hot as ever. The album is full of amazing side talent and special guests, but for the sake of taking the attention off of Walter Lure, they will not be mentioned. The horrible reality of this world is that several great artists often go without notice but fans of real punk, real guitars, the real world, and real emotions here is your notice…his name is Walter Fuckin’ Lure.