April 2017


Atlanta's Own Spaghetty Record
to release
The Sweet Things Ep on Vinyl!
Review By: Cyndi Ford

Love to Leave/Cocaine Asslickers Blues

Members: Dave Tierney -Vox/Guitar
Lorne Behrman -Guitar
Sam Hariss -Bass/Vox
Darren Fried- Drums

Straight out of the East Village The Sweet Things take you on a stroll down memory lane. To the days of long ago when the Heartbreakers were the hottest thing in the Punk scene. It does an old punk rockers heart good to hear the younger generation gravitating to the sounds of our youth, and pay tribute to it while making it their own. The Sweet Things most def have a couple hits on their hands with this 7” vinyl, talk about old school! Love to Leave, has my heart though! You just gotta love the title Cocaine Asslickers Blues, and the song kicks ass as it should. So give them a listen and buy buy buy...it will make you feel good! And always look for The Sweet Things to grace your town, West Coast Tour in May!


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