December 2017


The Struts
Kick Start the Holiday Season With a Bang!
Show Review By: Cyndi Ford

As the witching hour was drawing near, Atlanta's hippest headed to the Park Tavern to kick off the season with The Struts! What a night, what a show, what a venue! The weather was quite frightful, as the rain came down at a steady pace, and the temperature dropped. Not what seems like a good night to go to an outside show? Wrong....temperature controlled tent, fire pits, festive cocktails, and one of the best bands to come out in years! The Struts were amazing! They gave the night a high energy, that could be felt in the air. The place was packed, and everyone couldn't help but dance! There were great costumes, that added to the fun atmosphere. Everyone seemed to feed off the vibe of the band, and it was wonderful to watch.

Being a bit of an old bitty, I adore the music of my youth. The Struts are like a walk down memory lane for me. Harking back to the special sound that bands like Queen, Cheap Trick, and all the fun loving R&R bands I grew up with had. Most of those attending the show, were young enough to be my children, so it made my heart smile to see the younger generation carry on the torch. They sang along with the band, as they danced the night away!

It was a bit rough trying to get photos, as there was no special area set aside for photographers. I didn't mind though. It gave me an opportunity to observe, and do a bit of people watching, along with watch the show. I loved what I saw! But when they played “Rebel Rebel”, I couldn't help myself, I jumped to my feet, and joined the crowd. Mimi here was tearing it up! Thanks for another memorable, fabulous night! Long live The Struts!

The Struts are: Luke Spiller on vocals, guitar- Adam Slack, Jed Elliott – bass, and Gethin Davies on drums. They always put on a stellar performance. This is my second time seeing them, and I must say I am hooked! As Luke says, go see them and join the cool club! Find them on youtube, facebook, and on their website, you too will be a fan!