"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> THE STOMPS
Interviewed By Kim Friederich
Band Members:
Jackson - Drums & Vocals
Elliot - Guitar & Vocals

One of the best bands I have stumbled on to. After one song I was hooked These two put out music that sparks your imagination. They leave you begging for more. I have found myself singing lyrics like ..........Give me whiskey,brandy and morphine and baby were back at the start for now on I only fuck hookers and maybe they'll be no more broken hearts.........in the middle of shopping for milk. Which leads to may stares but hell Its Great Music. I dare you try not to have a sing along with it.
Punk Globe: Tell me a little about The Stomps...
Jackson: One of the best bands you've stumbled on to? Woah, I can feel my head swelling... The Stomps are a two piece Stomp band from the Tara, New Zealand (known for it's fertile soil and gum trees.) As a band we practiced about 3 times in total I think, we'd just get on stage and wing it, Elliot would say "Hey Jacko I've got this idea that I've been working on" and I'd be like "okay" and the songs would come together in front of a crowd. We recorded a heap of songs and toured around the North Island of New Zealand with some success. Never signed to a label, so we recorded and distributed ourselves. Never had a manager so we organized our own tours.
Punk Globe: How Did you Guys met?
Jackson: Both Elliot and I come from a small rural district in northern New Zealand, The Stomps came about when we wanted out of that shitty place and it was less than a coincidence that we started playing music together, there were about six musicians to collaborate with in that area. I met Elliot when he came along to a party that I was playing at in a covers band, we got to talking after wards. We would have been about 13 or so and I remember thinking he had the mind and temperament of a 60 year old war veteran at that time, he's much younger than that now. We played old timely country and rock n' roll on the pub circuit and the odd private function, usually 50ths or NYE, that kind of shit. But The Stomps really came to be in 2006 when I moved to Wellington (which is about 10 hours drive from the old town). I'd been down there for about 6 months when Elliot rang me up and asked if I would tour with him. He mentioned that his dad just bought a beat up old van. We came up with the name during that same conversation and started organizing shows..
Punk Globe: You guys put out some of my favorite songs as I cant stop singing them or get them out of my head(Tied Heart, one more night, Ill Be Dammed, Hired gun. They are master pieces to me. Where did the influences for these songs come from?
Jackson: Traveling long distances without a car radio.
Elliot: This is exactly right. I made sure we never got a stereo in the van because Jacko and I would work through ideas on big trips. Car radios are an unhealthy distraction for a songwriter. It's been medically proven by some dudes in Oxford that the vibrations of a moving car mobilize the J7 neurons so important for creativity and inspiration but that distracting forces, e..g. a car radio, diminish the re-uptake of Beetamon in the pre-frontal lobe thereby negatively channeling those same creative impulses. This may seem technical but we've learned from experience that this is the case. We'd often pull over and exchange ideas and record them on a Dictaphone. When we work together we usually come up with a riff which is melodic enough for my tastes and hopefully rhythmic or bad-ass enough for Jacko's tastes and build on it. We seem to create music for a live setting most of the time as we are both aware that we will have to play most of our songs in front of a rowdy audience who don't give two shits about the lyrics and who just want to dance and get laid. We provide a service. On face value a lot of the lyrical content of our songs may seem quite reactionary but to be honest we mean every fucking word we sing. We even lived and recorded in a Pumpkin Caravan to prove an example.
Punk Globe: The video for one more night are now gone where was it shot at and why was it taking down?
Jackson: Hah! That was shot at Elliot's farm. We used to get drunk and play on the deck when there was nothing else to do, a friend of a friend just happened to record it with a couple of handy-cams, I edited it into a hateful spawn of filth. The lip syncing was dreadful, so now it's gone. And the cow skull filler! What the fuck were we thinking!? There's some more genuine footage of us playing on that deck on youtube.
Elliot: I liked the cowskull filler Jacko. That was inspired. Can you put some more of our stuff on youtube? (I wanna show my dad).
Punk Globe: Is there any songs that are hidden away that the stomps did and you haven't shared with us ?
Elliot: Millions. With more money we can show you all.
Jackson: Yes. Quite a few B-sides. I think Elliot may be using some of them for his Candy Caps CD. The line is often blurred between The Stomps and Elliot Brown and the Candy Caps.
Punk Globe: Why did the stomps break up?
Jackson: The drink.
Elliot: Moonshine.
Punk Globe: .I found this on your blog Is there still a possibility? (Q..The Stomps are no longer playing shows or even in the same country(sad-face).Elliot Brown and the Candy Caps came into existence shortly after the economic crisis, real bread winning stuff. Deep down, deep deep down, further down, bit deeper there is the knowledge that The Stomps will reunite, maybe.)
Jackson: Yes. The biggest and most unavoidable reason for The Stomps not being together is that we've always been in different cities, but that could change very soon. I recently went back to NZ and played a few shows with Elliot in Wellington and we seem to be getting on just fine. He moved to Wellington to study law shortly after I moved away.
Elliot: Jacko and I will most probably always play music and when we're in the same city we'll play together. I'm hoping that we will be able to record some mainstream dance-pop when we meet up again. I've always been into my alternative music but Jacko's managed to convince me that Black Eyed Peas/Shakira style love ballads are the future.
Punk Globe:. So you guys have now parted ways as of now Tell me about your new projects?
Jackson: I'm dwelling in Melbourne, Australia at the moment, and I'm gettin' around with a band called Sharpie Crows. It's quite a contrasting sound to The Stomps, but it's my baby for now. Do check em out.
Elliot: I've teamed up with a few fine musicians, one of whom is Thom McGragh my flatmate, and another of whom is Isaac Smith who plays an amazing double bass. We play a lot of old timey train songs and cowboy ballads. The streets of Welington love us.
Punk Globe: Why were the Stomps never signed to a label? If the stomps got offered a deal would they reunite?
Jackson: We were never signed because labels (labels with money) within New Zealand lack spine and a sense of quality and the others (independent) are more or less non existent. If a respectable label were to proposition us with money, cars and women then sure, we'd be back in action in a flash. Right after dousing ourselves with Champaign and smoking a fat blunt we'd be busy little bees. I hear flying nun has been bought back by the guy who started it, could be our chance.
Elliot: I second that.
Punk Globe: Where can we find more on the stomps and your other groups?
Jackson: This blog hosts most of what I've recorded/been involved with. http://sailormouthrecords.blogspot.com/
Punk Globe: Any last words for the readers?
Jackson: If we're ever in the U.S can we sleep on your couch? In the name of music of course. Thanks readers.
Elliot: Stay cynical and you will not be disappointed-to paraphrase Seneca.